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<nettime-ann> SocialEast Seminar on Art and Ideology (Manchester Art Gallery 6 October 2006)

Forum on the Art and Visual Culture of Eastern Europe

Manchester Art Gallery 
12-5pm Friday 6 October 2006

The focus of the first SocialEast Seminar will be the relationship between art and ideology in the context of the recent history of East European art. Specific issues that will be addressed include: the writing and rewriting of East European art history; the role of exhibition strategy, museology and curating in the reconstruction and reappraisal of the history of art in East Central Europe; contemporary artists? projects dealing with the legacy of the art of the socialist period from conceptualism to socialist realism; and theorising the contradictions between national, regional and international accounts of East European art.


Boris Groys (Professor of Aesthetics, Art History, and Media Theory, Karlsruhe)

Ulrike Goeschen  (Curator Frankfurt)
?From Socialist Realism to Art in Socialism: The reception of Modernism as an instigating force in the development of art in the GDR?

Alina Serban (Curator Kunstahalle Fridericianum, Kassel)
?The lost dimension: The collectivization of modernism and the last generation of Romanian avant-garde? 

Piotr Piotrowski (Professor of Art History at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan)
?How to Write a History of Central-East European Art? 


Tamás St.Auby (Szentjóby) is a Hungarian artist, who in the mid-60s made happenings and environments, and was involved in both conceptual art and fluxus. In 1968 he established IPUT, the International Parallel Union Of Telecommunications, adopting a confrontational approach to the communist authorities, and was forced to leave Hungary in the mid-70s. He returned to Budapest in 1991 to join the newly-founded Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. In 2003 he established the ?Portable Intelligence Increase Museum (Pop art, Conceptual art, Actionsm during the 60s in Hungary 1956-1976)?, to expose the flaws in official accounts of Hungarian art of the 1960s and 70s.

The SocialEast research forum considers the art and visual culture of Eastern Europe from the end of the Second World War to the fall of the Berlin Wall, through collaborative projects, exhibitions and seminars. The project is organised by MIRIAD Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with Pasts Inc. Central European University, the Institute of Art History Zagreb and other international partners.  For more details contact the project organiser Dr. Reuben Fowkes by email to or see the project website 

Dr Reuben Fowkes
Research Fellow MIRIAD
(Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design),

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