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<nettime-ann> Launch Announcement: M/C Dialogue

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 30 September 2006

                         M/C - Media and Culture
                          is proud to introduce

                               M/C Dialogue

                            Edited by Jinna Tay

Welcome to M/C - Media and Culture's latest publication, M/C Dialogue
(http://dialogue.media-culture.org.au/). M/C Dialogue is a site for
researchers in culture and the media, and for anyone else interested in
discourse, discussion, and debate about ideas, processes and people -
probably, most of us!

Our launch begins with a series of stimulating conversations with Adjunct
Professor George Negus, Smart State Fellow Toby Miller, SBS Television
Programme Executive Jane Roscoe, and Novelist/Academic Paul Magrs, each
interviewed by researchers in their fields. We invite you to read their
views, to post questions and comments, and to start new dialogues about
their topics - we hope that together we can make this an engaging site that
you will enjoy visiting and reading. 
Jinna Tay		
Editor, M/C Dialogue

Axel Bruns
General Editor, M/C - Media and Culture 


About M/C Dialogue

M/C Dialogue (http://dialogue.media-culture.org.au/about) is a peer-
reviewed publication that presents accessible dialogues between prominent
cultural thinkers and researchers in related fields. The tone is accessible
but intelligent; informal but informed. M/C Dialogue provides the reader
with an up-to-date summary of the recent work of important thinkers, as
well as showing the human side of these public figures.

M/C Dialogue aims to

* Present an accessible introduction to the thinking of important figures
  in the analysis and understanding of culture 

* Show that ideas are always produced in a social context. The voices of
  theorists, producers, intellectuals or artists are not abstract and
  esoteric - they are embodied and tied up in emotions and interpersonal

* Provide an invaluable opportunity for scholars to network with key
  figures in their fields, by facilitating interactions and collaborations.

We welcome proposals for further interviews. If you have any upcoming
events with possible interviewers & interviewees please let us know. All
feedback is appreciated.

Visit all four M/C publications at <http://www.media-culture.org.au/>.
All contributors are available for media contacts: mc@media-culture.org.au.


Dr Axel Bruns, General Editor                 editor@media-culture.org.au
M/C - Media and Culture                  http://www.media-culture.org.au/

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