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<nettime-ann> SUNCHILD- Environmental festival in Armenia


come and SHARE your  ENERGY, KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE with us!!! WE,
participants of the festival want VOICES be HEARD and want to make CHANGE
with YOU.

Currently we are looking for candidates to be speakers, trainers, experts
in any part of our workshop program.  Besides, we also are looking for
those people and NGOs, who made in past advocacy campaigns on
environmental topics and have cases and materials which is interesting to
show during the workshop. Please, let us know, if you personally, or
anyone you may suggest, could be interested to be involved in workshops
program of our festival. Please, forward this mail to those who may be
interested. The participants of the festival are from Iran, Russian
Federation, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. The costs for travel and
accommodation will be covered. Contact us soon!!!

The SUN CHILD first regional environmental festival are happy to invite
you to the cooperation within the framework of Festival Workshop Program,
which will be held from 6-11 October 2007 in Armenia. The first SunChild
environmental Film festival is going to be a meeting place for
environmental key-players, organizations and individuals, film makers, and
possibly, artists. It could also become a platform for forming of
?environmental thoughts? through open disputes, discussions, conferences,
workshops and training.

 We plan to conduct the Workshop Program in the following format:

 ?          Workshop on Advocacy Coalition building Networking on
particularly environmental issues (duration 1 day) with presentation of
practical tools, success stories, preparing action plans for future
activities in the region; panel discussions and invited speakers,

?          ?Exhibition of advocacy tools? for public participation in
environmental decision-making in several rooms to show the advocacy
campaigns, and successful tools, stories etc.

?          ?Deconstructing the concrete? artists, film-makers, writers,
architects and public activists are coming together to learn how we can
change the environment: European experience,  contemporary approaches to
public issues.

?          ?Eco- tourism exhibition?, the aim of which is the promotion of
local communities projects on Ecotourism, presentation of tour- agencies?
products, presentation of international projects on eco tourism
implemented in the region, publication of booklets with based on this

 We hope this will encourage public participation in environmental
decision-making and assist in the solution of the most acute
environmental problems in the region and this would be possible to
achieve first of all by establishing required contacts, maintaining
information databases, dissemination of information to all concerned and
other communication efforts.
Thus, we, the organizing team of the workshop part of the Festival are
happy to invite you and your organization to the cooperation in any of
above mentioned components of the workshop.

 Our team appreciate any support from your side to make our hopes become
real and value your participation in the Festival Workshop Program.
Please, let us know if there would be any comments, questions, ideas you
would like to discuss and the topics you would like to address
regarding your participation. We plan to receive initial responses on
participation till April 15, 2007.

Thank you for your consideration,

Karen Hakobian,
Mariam Elmasyan,
Lala Aslikyan
Workshop Coordinating Team
SUN CHILD Regional Environmental Festival
Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets of
#5 Byron St., 375 009, Yerevan, ARMENIA
Tel: + 374 10 52 93 40 Tel/Fax: +374 10 56 44 84

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