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<nettime-ann> INFOVIR 03.07 - e.zine vector


VIROSE ORG: informations, activities and updates [http://www.virose.pt]

After a long interlude, E-zine vector strikes again with a Series [b] new issue [b#17 - March 2007]. 
It includes a project by Christoph Korn [Sorge und Kapitalismus], and texts by Tom Sherman [Vernacular Video] e Olia Lialina [An infinite séance]. All Texts in english.

We are preparing the next issue (x#06 - GLOBAL MEDIA) and looking for papers and projects.


VIROSE is a non-profit organization dedicated to art and media technology based in Porto, Portugal.
http://www.virose.pt | http://arch.virose.pt
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