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<nettime-ann> LOSS Livecode festival, Sheffield UK, 20-22nd July 2007


Call for participation
LOSS Livecode Festival

in association with Access Space, Toplap and lurk.
Sheffield, UK 20-22 July 2007

A small festival bringing together some of the most dynamic and exciting
digital musicians in the Uk and beyond. Over the 2 days, it will include
workshops, presentations, impromptu performances and a special live

Livecoding is dynamically creating audio or video by changing software
or code as it executes. It began during the 1980s, primarily with FORTH
and Lisp. In recent years new live coding environments and languages
such as Chuck, Fluxus, Impromptu and SuperCollider 3 have appeared, with
enthusiastic communities growing around them. Live Coding performances
have also used PureData, Scheme, Perl, Haskell, Ruby, Python...

Further information and background can be found at

**Call for Participation**

Calling all Livecoders and those who are interested. We want your:
 * performances
 * presentations
 * workshops
 * Input
 to help make this a superb and exciting meeting of livecoders. We have
some small bursaries available to contribute towards travel and
accommodation and we will do our best to help get as many people here as
possible. Money is however short and

**Call for Commissions**

We have a limited pot of money for commissioning new works for the
festival. If you would like time or resources to develop a new way of
performing, some new language or software feature, or something else
interesting then please include a short estimated budget in your brief,
which may include an artist fee. Note that due to funding constraints
the project should have a strong audio component. The maximum commission
will be of Â1000 (about 1470 euro).

For more information and application details please refer to

Access Space is the UK's first "Free Media Lab" - a community space
equipped with locally recycled computers running free, open source
software. We provide a framework, resources and support for
self-directed learning, arts and creativity. Taking part is totally
free, and anyone can walk in and contribute.

TOPLAP is the Transnational Organisation for the Proliferation of Live
Algorithm Programming, formed in 2003 to discuss and promote livecoding.
This will be the third TOPLAP associated international meeting of

LOSS Livecode is funded by Arts Council England, Yorkshire, The PRS
Foundation and Access Space.

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