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[PUBLIC] _____ curating is an ongoing research-project by the Vienna-based organisation CONT3XT.NET, collecting methods, resources, and theories concerning the changing conditions of curatorial practices on the Web. The blog is an experimental database of international curating projects, theoretical approaches and a resource for curatorial platforms, art-databases and contemporary ways of New Media Curating.

With the changing of the production and reception of art on the Internet, not only the art itself changed but also the possibilities of curation and thus require new forms of investigation and communication too. During the past decade the concept of what was called "Curating (on) the Web" (1) already in 1998, has changed into a multifaceted and interrelative communication-process between artists, theorists, writers and "normal" Internet-users -- nowadays curators are described as "cultural context providers" (2), "meta-artists" (3), "power users" (4), "filter feeders" (5) or simply as "proactive consumers" (6).

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