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<nettime-ann> PACKET FORTH Workshop - GOTO10 at NIM/Amsterdam - 18-20 May 2007


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with Aymeric Mansoux, Tom Schouten and Marloes de Valk

This 3 day workshop is an introduction to generative visuals using the
open source programming language Packet Forth. The workshop is aimed at
artists and programmers interested in generative art, animation,
audiovisual performances, and installations. No previous knowledge of
programming is required, but a good general knowledge of computers is
necessary. The entire workshop will be taught using the pure:dyne
GNU/Linux distribution. If you're not familiar with GNU/Linux, this is a
great opportunity to get started!

During the workshop we'll take you through some of the main features of
Packet Forth. It's impossible to learn how to program in 3 days, so this
workshop is just to get you started and get you through the first steps.
We'll show you what is possible, and how to go about creating your own
applications, starting at the very basis. We'll cover both drawing and
animating, 2D and 3D, and how to link PF to other applications such as
Pure Data using Open Sound Control. 

It's a hands-on workshop which provides each participant with a 
workstation and 3 days packed with food for thought.

You'll go home with a pure:dyne livecd, containing all the software
used in the workshop (and much much more). Go Forth! is based on 100%
FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software).

Date: 18-20 May 2007
Location: Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam, NL
Application: before May 1st (include CV and motivation max 150 words)
Costs for three days: 150,- (discount, students or NIM membershipcard 75,-)

more info:


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