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<nettime-ann> Reminder: Pillow Talks start this Thursday April 26th

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Current Events

SIFVF AT THINC Silvano Campeggi

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ThINC's Company Gallery is proud to work with this year's SIFVF. The exhibition Ben Hur is an examination of Silvano Campeggi's creative process, linking it to the wider context of his work. Campeggi worked for 30 years in Hollywood, creating the images that we now associate with some of the most famous movies of all time, such as Casablanca; Gone with the Wind; Singing in the Rain amongst many others.

Coming in May:

Aldo Tambellini:
A Cultural history
of Syracuse

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The Gifford Foundation
Cultural Resources Council Senator John DeFrancisco
Art Venues in SYR

Art & Censorship

Art has had an umbilical relationship to the issue of censorship for as long as art history has been written. Artists have been viewed as inventive, innovative and beguiling particularly because of the various devices that they have used over the centuries to avoid or subvert  the active suppression of artistic freedoms.
Ironically, the freedom of _expression_ that is assumed to be the natural province of the artist is (more recently) curtailed by the oscillations of market tastes for particular media or style.
ThINC welcomes you to discuss these topics in an open forum that will be led by ThINC's Executive Director, Andrew Mount. Look for guests leading upcoming talks over the next few months.
The first Pillow Talk is next Thursday, April 26th at 6:30pm at the Company Gallery.
Bring your Pillow!

ben hur clipThINC is implementing a progressive Programming schedule
we welcome inquiries for future programming  events that attempt to accomodate the current state of  contemporary art through an open, collaborative and invested  mode of inquiry. We integrate events, talks, education and exhibitions around common themes, with a view towards creating  an inclusive modus operandi where the arts are able to  catalyze the strength of communities.
Please address all inquiries to


ThINC's blog is up and running, and we offer it to the audience at large to discuss, rant and post articles of their choice. You can post text, images, and video to the blog. we are in the process of cross posting it and disseminating your opinions far and wide.
ThINC will be posting images text and video from the upcoming talk series -please watch your inbox for upcoming announcements, and if you have any suggestions or comments, use the blog or email directly

ThINC is a Syracuse based art non-profit that promotes progressive artistic _expression_ throughout its activities. ThINC operates its 'Company' gallery, located at 110 West Fayette Street, One Lincoln Center in downtown Syracuse from March to November (click for map). The gallery is open Thursday- Saturday and by appointment. For further information on ThINC's upcoming events please call 315 729 7483 or email

Andrew Mount
Executive Director
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