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<nettime-ann> The Circus of (Im)Migration is coming!!!

Hello, please pass the word on about this lovely event to anyone you
know who appreciates a good laugh and tearing down borders...



April 30th to May 13th

Join us for stories, ridicule of fascism, creative resistance, tearing
down walls and building community!

...including Fantastical feats of Fire, Lion Taming, Tight Rope Walking,
Knife Throwing, Burlesque, Theater of the Oppressed, Videos, oh yeah and
clowns too!

Gorgeous illustrations and more silliness here:

Circus Schedule:

Olympia, WA

Mon, Apr 30, 12pm clowning around at the Red Square at Evergreen State
College, 6-9PM, "Subvert Everything" Skillshare, Evergreen State College

Tues, May 1, 12pm, Sylvester Park, Mayday Carnival

Portland, OR

Sat, May 5th, Bouffon Workshop with Sue Morrison from 10:30am - 3:30pm
followed by CIRCA Boredom Patrol's "Subvert Everything" Skillshare,
4-7pm at Watershed Project, 5060 SE Milwauke St

Bay Area

Mon, May 7, 12pm, Berkeley, Circus Performance,
UC Berkeley Promenade

Tues, May 8, San Francisco, "Subvert Everything" Skillshare, 5-7pm,
Circus Performance, 8-10pm, at Station 40, 3030b 16th St., in the Mission

Wed, May 9, Santa Cruz, Location TBA

Fri, May 11, Los Angeles
Sat, May 12, Tijuana

San Diego

Sun, May 13, 7-9pm, The Rubber Rose, Circus Performance, benefit for the
No Border Camps in Calexico and Mexicali in November, 2007

We are Clandestine because the sneaking game is our favorite, especially
when everyone knows your coming.

We are Insurgent because we spend our days mocking racist vigilante
paramilitaries. (aka the minute klan) Our only weapons are feather
dusters, baguettes and bubbles.

We are Rebel because our solidarity knows no borders and because we want
to eat borders like the cookie monster until it crumbles in our laps.

We are Clowns because what else can one be on the edge of the nation
state. Because nothing undermines the border like holding it up to
ridicule. Because since the conquest tricksters have embraced the
contradictions of inclusion and exclusion, creating coherence through
confusion. Because in the face of facism we are fools, both fearsome and
innocent, wise and stupid, entertainers and dissenters, healers and
laughing stocks, scapegoats and subversives.

We are an Army because in the borderlands we are in permanent war – a
war of money against life, north against south, profit against dignity,
to stop the right of mobility, of neo-Colonialism against culture and

We are C.I.R.C.A. because we live in the borderlands, always in between,
on the edge of the nation state, mischevously ambiguous.

Look out!!! We're silly, we're angry and we've got grease paint!

If you want to giggle with this gaggle in your town give us a jiggly
jingle: circa-sd at riseup d0t net

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