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<nettime-ann> toniCorti - the "horizontal" festival

From: "casa logic" <>
Subject: toniCorti - the "horizontal" festival

toniCorti - the "horizontal" festival**The eleventh edition of the toniCorti
videofestival ( will take place in *Padova, Italy from
31st August to 8th September 2007 * during Itaca Festival.

toniCorti has been a non-competition for eleven years: a non-competitive
festival, offering a review of independent and self-produced videos.
The meaning of what we do lies in the relationship of trust and stimulation
we try to create with authors.
We try to be a lab where authors, audience and qualified critics can watch,
discuss, criticise, praise; a lab where the authorities of the critic, the
audience or the author are banned, and so is the ever-reaching obsession of
We want to be a * "horizontal" festival"*, which gives space to authors'
ideas and suggestions, which welcomes discussion and other people's work,
even if =96 exactly because =96 it is different from our own.

This year we will also give the authors the opportunity to introduce
themselves and their works: we will *create an open space* where authors
will be able not only show their videos but also to tell of the lives,
stories, people that form that little or large world the film is.
You will be completely free to present your film through images, words,
music, theatre, food, performances, or anything else that might come to your
You can tell us how to get beyond the film, right into the world that the
film represents. Feel free to do this, it is not compulsory of course, but
we would like authors to add this to the usual information they give about
their videos, and then we will see what we can do.

For some years now we have been paying particular attention to
documentaries, and we have been trying to welcome the beginnings of
documentary vocations, out-of-format works and works overrunning the
standard length and the newly-classic para-televisional style of "creative"
documentaries. We have found short, and very short, fragments and we would
like to find out long, and very long, documentary projects, doubtful and
stimulating word-crossings, new efforts at questioning the ontology of
images - and maybe at founding a new one.
The time and patience of observation. We are not looking for proper
distances, but for too short or too long distances with a reality we ne
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