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<nettime-ann> Dorkbot Toronto: call for proposals.

Dorkbot Toronto: call for proposals.

After a brief hiatus Dorkbot Toronto is rebooting. The Toronto chapter of dorkbot ( is eager for proposals from people doing curiously interdisciplinary things with electricity.

Dorkbot has been a quirky and casual series of artist talks organized under the title "people doing strange things with electricity." Traditionally, talks have been 20 to 40 minutes, with three presenters per night.

We'll be mostly sticking with this structure, but we are also interested in exploring new terrain within this format. Thus, proposal from people doing strange things with materials, audio, hardware, firmware, wetware, biology, bodies and more are welcome.

Please send proposals to Please keep proposals under 500 words. Images, audio, and video are encouraged, but please do not send files larger than 5 MB.
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