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<nettime-ann> At Intermediæ Madrid: UTOPÍAS: artists and thinkers explore alternative realities at Intermediæ

UTOPÍAS: artists and thinkers explore alternative realities at Intermediæ*

On Tuesday, 11 September, the UTOPIAS Project begins at INTERMEDIÆ Matadero Madrid. It will last from September to December 2007.

/Utopías /brings together thinkers and artists from different creative fields to work on Utopian themes and new ways of reinterpreting reality. The project will begin by creating a map of current reality through the presentations, lectures, debates, and encounters scheduled in September. This analysis will be approached from disciplines including economics, science, art, philosophy, and sociology, through reflections on today's world order by: David Casacuberta, Ramón Fernández Durán, Néstor García Canclini, Brian Holmes, Charity Scribner, Antonio Lafuente, and Derrick de Kerckhove.

/Utopías/ takes as its starting point the vision offered by a variety of specialists on real scenarios and the presentation of their works by creators Natalie Bookchin, Santiago Cirugeda, Clara Boj and Diego Díaz, the Luis o Miguel collective, and Nils Norman. They all have a perspective that reinterprets habitual ways of perceiving the world and fabulates imaginary-- or even possible—conditions, building other senses within contemporary societies.

In September, the search for common interests and an on-going dialogue get underway, as different approaches to building other, Utopian realities are explored through projects that will gradually be defined.

encounters, presentations, debates...

*11 September *
19:00 Presentation of the /Utopías /Project
19:20 Néstor García Canclini. /Migraciones y el futuro de las relaciones interculturales/

*12 September *
19:00 Santiago Cirugeda. Presentation of his work
19:40 Nils Norman. Presentation of his work

*13 September*
19:00 Clara Boj and Diego Díaz. Presentation of their work
14 September*
19:00 Charity Scribner. /A Postcommunist Search for Utopia/

*17 September*
19:00 Luis o Miguel. Presentation of their work
19:40 Natalie Bookchin. Presentation of her work
18 September*
19:00 Ramón Fernández Durán. La fiesta de la energía toca a su fin

*19 September*
19:00 David Casacuberta. /Sociedad de la información y net-art: pensar desde la distopía/.
**20 September *
19:00 Brian Holmes. Lecture

*21 September*
19.00 Antonio Lafuente. Lecture
20.00 Derrick de Kerckhove. /Utopia as our secondary residence/

More information: Intermediæ
Matadero Madrid. Paseo de la Chopera, 14. 28045 Madrid (Metro Legazpi) <> <>

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