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<nettime-ann> [call] v.4 call for participation

. v.4 call for participation is an annual international juried online exhibition that
is currently looking for exciting and provocative interactive artwork
made for the internet arena. Projects must be made between 2005-2007.

Please no commercial, design, portfolio or traditional media sites.

Deadline: October 8, 2007

E-mail submissions to chicoartnet {AT}

Please include project URL, brief description (50 words or less),
artist statement and browser/technical requirements in the
body of the e-mail. We prefer work that will play without special
downloads or plugins, if possible. No attachments please.

Selected projects will be expected to stay live at the submitted URL
through May 2008.

Exhibition opens December 13, 2007. v.3 featured works by Alexander Mouton, Michael Takeo
Magruder, Alessandro Ludovico & Paolo Cirio, Lindsey Anderson & Alisha
Thayer, Richard Vickers, and Joseph DeLappe

Produced by The Electronic Arts Program, California State University
Chico Department of Art & Art History
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