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<nettime-ann> The 2nd announcement - project " 2007"

** The "Project 2007"

>From 1995 to 2003, The Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts hosted the
"Art on the Net" project promoting the Internet as a space for
artistic expression. For nine years, this project had been calling on
artists around the world to investigate the relationship between Art,
the Internet and the Society.

A fter the years of the "Art on the Net," we launched a new project
called the "". The Exhibition section of the project will
feature recent developments in Internet Art and is open to all forms
of creative expression that use the Internet as their primary medium.

** The selection committee 2007

Mark Amerika, Susan Hazen, Agnese Trocchi, John Hopkins and You
Minowa. For further information, please visit at

"" the theme of the exhibition this year

"Embodied Praxis - Real Life 2.0."


"Embodied Praxis - Real Life 2.0"

For those of us who use the net, watch TV or SMS friends, we find that
we tend to spend a lot of our time peering into one screen or another
during our waking hours. Changing images float in front of our eyes as
the disruptive sounds and jingles of our prosthetic devices keep us
under the spell of the network. Texts flow into focus for as long as
we need to retain them, and just as effortlessly gush out again
through our fingertips into the ether.

Embodied Praxis - Real Life 2.0 draws on these telematic interactions
and examines how art and artists take up these strands and weave them
into daily life. However, the projects showcased will not dwell on the
ways in which these digital traces are drawn from our lived lives
rather they will manifest how our real lives are constructed around
these embedded threads; and how their telematic substance is injected
into the praxis of daily life.

The projects selected (will) track those nomadic flows as they are
propelled across borders and through different languages; producing
scenarios - political, commercial and cultural - that net those
fluctuating moments in new and distinct cultural spaces. Although we
recognise that these specific moments - such as sending/receiving an
sms or a real time interaction in Second Life are primarily transitory
in their essence and serve more to delocalise us in non spaces (Augé)
than locate us in embodied space - we also acknowledge the ways in
which these concrete threads actively constitute the social self and,
by association, serve to construct the complex fabric of Real Life.

** Call for the nomination.

This year, the artworks for the exhibition and the " 2007
prize" will be chosen by our Selection Committee. The prize fee for
the top selection will be 200,000 yen.

The members will make their own nominations, but we will accept
nominations from the web also. Please send your nomination to us

** Nomination Form

To nominate, please e-mail the following information to directly:

1. The URL address of your nomination.

2. If you are the copyright holder of the nomination, your name,
physical Address, phone number/fax. number, e-mail address are

** The schedule

We will accept nominations by mail from 15th, July 2007 to 15th, Sept. 2007.

The award-winning artwork will be selected by 15th Oct.. The
exhibition will be launched 15th, Nov. 2007. We will soon announce
some physical events to take place in Nov. at the Machida City Museum
of Graphic Arts, Tokyo.
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