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<nettime-ann> Fwd: Videobrasil launches permanent artistic residency programme at the 16th Festival

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Subject: Videobrasil launches permanent artistic residency programme
at the 16th Festival

 09/10/07 ________________________________


 Videobrasil launches permanent artistic
 residency programme at the 16th Festival

 Starting in 2007, a permanent programme supported by Prince Claus
Fund will systematise Associação
Cultural Videobrasil's activities in the field of artistic
residencies. Designed to strengthen the interchange programmes offered
in Brazil and create a rotational dynamic that benefits Brazilian,
Latin American, and African artists, the Videobrasil Residency
Programme consolidates a movement that has intensified in the last
five years with the creation of the residency prizes awarded by the
Videobrasil Festival in partnership with Le Fresnoy Institute National
des Arts Contemporains (France), Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado
(Brazil), and Gasworks (England).

 In addition to Fresnoy, the French Consulate in Brazil, Aliança
Francesa, and FAAP, the Programme has a new important partner, WBK
Vrije Academie (The Netherlands). Other collaborators with recognised
track records in the field of artistic residencies are Capacete
Entretenimentos and Instituto Sacatar (Brazil).

 The first phase of the Programme offers eight residencies scheduled
for 2008 and 2009. The FAAP Digital Arts Prize brings a foreign artist
to São Paulo; the Le Fresnoy Audiovisual Creation Award takes a
Brazilian artist to the renowned French media centre; the Videobrasil
WBK Vrije Academie Prize sends four artists to The Hague, The
Netherlands; Videobrasil Capacete and Sacatar Residency Prizes go to
one Brazilian and one foreign artist, respectively.

 The artists awarded residency placings will be selected by a
committee of representatives from Videobrasil and its partners. The
first selection committee features Solange Farkas and Ana Pato
(Associação Cultural Videobrasil), along with Tom van Vliet (WBK Vrije
Academie) and Marcos Moraes (FAAP).

 The Programme will offer the following prizes:

 Le Fresnoy Audiovisual Creation Award – France
 Le Fresnoy -- Studio National des Arts Contemporains is a postacademic audiovisual production and
research centre conceived of and directed by Alain Fleischer and
inaugurated in 1997 at Tourcoing, France. Guest teachers have included
Jean-Luc Godard and Gary Hill. The focus of this prize is on breaching
the boundaries between traditional and electronic audiovisual media
and languages. Offered since 2003 by Le Fresnoy, the French General
Consulate in Brazil, and Aliança Francesa de São Paulo, the award
gives an artist a three-month term of residence at the centre,
complete with logistic support for the production of an audiovisual

 The FAAP Digital Arts Prize
 With an aknowledged School of Visual Arts, Fundação Armando Alvares
Penteado has consolidated itself as a hotbed of
contemporary production in Brazil. The Foundation stands out for its
emphasis on research and on the formation of professionals forever in
the thick of the discussion on contemporary artistic practices. "FAAP
foments artistic experimentation and this is the reason for granting
the prize", says Marcos Moraes, coordinator of the visual arts course.
Based at the Lutetia building in São Paulo, FAAP residency programme
is open to Brazilians and foreigners working in the fields of the
visual arts. It has welcomed 20 artists, including the 27th Bienal de
São Paulo international residents.

 Videobrasil WBK Vrije Academie Prize
 Vrije Academie Werkplaats voor Beeldende Kunsten is an independent interdisciplinary
postacademic art institute initiated in 1947 by the Dutch light artist
and video pioneer Livinus van der Bundt. Going against the grain of
the classical art academies, the centre encouraged interaction and
interchange among various disciplines: painting, sculpture,
photography, and the moving image. Managed by artists since its
foundation, the current director is the sculptor Ingrid Rollema, with
Tom van Vliet, the renowned creator of the World Wide Video Festival,
in charge of the moving image department. Recently remodelled, the
department now offers postproduction and rehearsal studios for
installation and media performance formats. Each of the four winners
will work at the academy as artists in residence for a period of six

 Videobrasil Sacatar Residency Prize
 Instituto Sacatar runs an international
residency programme for artists at its premises in Ilha de Itaparica,
Bahia. A member of Res Artis, the Worldwide Network of Artist
Residencies, and the Alliance of Artists Communities, its goals are to
facilitate interaction and collaboration with the community, and boost
the visibility and cultural impact of the city and nation in which it

 Videobrasil Capacete Residency Prize
 The purpose of CAPACETE Entretenimentos is to
produce conceptual and contextual works that embrace multiple artistic
strategies. Its residencies serve as a career-building platform for
the artist, documenting his/her production and bringing it within
reach of the public. The representation is the content itself.

 The Videobrasil Residency Programme will be launched during the 16th
International Electronic Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil, that takes
place between September 30 and October 25, 2007 at SESC Avenida
Paulista, São Paulo. Winners of the residencies scheduled for 2008
will be announced during the Festival.

 For more information on the 16th International Electronic Art
Festival SESC_Videobrasil, visit:

 Press contact:
 Teté Martinho
 Communications Manager

 Conception and Production: Associação Cultural Videobrasil
 Undertaking: SESC SP


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