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<nettime-ann> ALTERITY: OPENING at ThINC

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#4: How does Art create  value, who for  and why?

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Coming in October:

Million Dollar
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Art Education

ThINC is preparing art education programming to compliment this exhibition. The programs will operate within the themes of the Pillow Talks #4:
How does Art create value, for who and why?
We will need volunteers! if you are interested please email

art education

ArtBus Rolls Out

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On Thursday, September 20th, 2007 ThINC and Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) will take the lead in establishing a cultural exchange between
the cities of Syracuse and Rochester. Along with local partnering galleries, ThINC
and RoCo will establish a system of transport further enabling arts community to visit city-wide Gallery Nights in both Syracuse and Rochester. The first rochester bound bus leaves ThINC on October 5th 2007. For tickets/info email
ThINC supporters

The Gifford Foundation
Cultural Resources Council
 Senator John DeFrancisco
Art Venues in SYR


Art from the Peripheries

OPENING: Thursday, September 20th at 6:30pm
at the Company Gallery.
Free and Open to the Public

(Syracuse, NY) On Thursday, September 20t ThINC will open a group show of art drawn from alternative art movements.  The 20 works included in the exhibition represent a range of so-called "outsider" art made by those who do not work within the sphere of the traditional art world, prisoners, people with various compulsive agendas (the evils of taxes, for instance), and individuals with such significant disabilities as schizophrenia and autism. Dan Miller, currently featured at White Columns Gallery in New York, and one of whose drawings was recently purchased by The Museum of Modern Art in New York,  is one of the artists whose art those who visit the exhibition will be able to enjoy; he is represented by several works in ThINC's exhibition.   Also on view are drawings and objects produced by prisoners and former prison inmates who participated in programs at the Center for Community Alternatives in Syracuse. In addition, there are three sculptures by Edward Nagrodzki, a self-appointed 'tax rebel'. The sculptures are representative of the wide array of creative forms he used to protest the imposition of taxes.

"Outsider art has been historically treated, especially in group shows, by categories. Alterity will present the viewer with a more integrated alternative to viewing this kind of art.  The audience will not be alerted to any particular categories of outsider art in the gallery.  By making this simple change we can challenge previous conceptions of this artwork and the people who made it," says Executive Director Andrew Mount.
The root of the word Alterity is taken from the Latin alter, meaning otherness. "The work in ThINC's current exhibition is drawn from outlets of artistic _expression_ that are parallel to the traditional art world.  Such art is usually made by people who lack formal art training, do not necessarily consider themselves artists, and often have little knowledge of or interest in the established art structure, with its museums, galleries, publications and marketplace." says internationally recognized art historian Jonathan Holstein.  "There has been an interest among some artists and collectors in such work over the past century, but it has lately become a category in the art market, with such associated appurtenances as galleries specializing in outsider art, outsider art fairs in major cities (New York, Chicago), a growing interest among collectors, etc.  For me the work has been extraordinarily instructive in understanding what prompts people to make art, and how they set about doing it once they have a vision they wish, or feel compelled, to share. "

Alterity will open September 20th, 5 - 8 pm and will run through October 20th, 2007. The opening reception is free and open to the public and will be part of the the citywide gallery night.  ThiNC will hold its regular Pillow Talks series surrounding the exhibition theme on Thursday, October 11 at 6 pm at the Company Gallery. Pillow Talks is a recurring series of discussions and public events that are free and open to the public.


ben hur clipThINC is implementing a progressive Programming schedule.

We welcome inquiries, proposals or collaborators for future programming  events that attempt to accomodate the current state of  contemporary art through an open, collaborative and invested  mode of inquiry. We integrate events, talks, education and exhibitions around common themes, with a view towards creating  an inclusive modus operandi where the arts are able to  catalyze the strength of communities.
Please address all inquiries to

ThINC's blog is up and running, and we offer it to the audience at large to discuss, rant and post articles of their choice. You can post text, images, and video to the blog. we are in the process of cross posting it and disseminating your opinions far and wide.
ThINC will be posting images text and video from the upcoming talk series -please watch your inbox for upcoming announcements, and if you have any suggestions or comments, use the blog or email directly

ThINC is a Syracuse based art non-profit that promotes progressive artistic _expression_ throughout its activities. ThINC operates its 'Company' gallery, located at 110 West Fayette Street, One Lincoln Center in downtown Syracuse from March to November (click for map). The gallery is open Thursday- Saturday and by appointment. For further information on ThINC's upcoming events please call 315 729 7483 or email

Andrew Mount
Executive Director
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