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<nettime-ann> Call for Student Work

The website is: http://art.niu.edu/hive
for info - email: timeartsniu@gmail.com

Call for Works (student)


               "How I View Everything"

               Northern Illinois University

                   November 15, 2007

The Northern Illinois University Time Arts Department is hosting a video/new
media art exhibition, "How I View Everything (H.I.V.E)". Work for the
festival could include video, animation, audio, and pre-recorded performance
pieces. Anything that can be screened for the one-day festival at Northern
Illinois University.

H.I.V.E is a student-run and juried festival hosting work from other


In which direction do you feel the world is heading? Are we surrounded by
entropy and decay, or freedoms creativity and activism? In short, how do you
view the world around you? .....

How I View Everything (H.I.V.E) is a digital art festival themed around how
artists view the world, past present or future and externalize their

Themes/topics could be based upon the following:

Utopia/Dystopia and decay

o possible futures, entropy, reinterpreting the past, environment, society,
politics, social transformation

Advertising and commercialization

o Authenticity Vs Fabricated/Plastic Reality, media influence, systems of
control, rituals, power structures

Freedom and activism

   o Guerilla Video, 'from-the-hip' shooting, reactive video

We are looking for art to be submitted on DVD, CD or mini-DV to be shown on
a projector. Submissions must be no longer than Ten (10) minutes in length
and must follow one of the themes. Please label all entries with your name,
school/university/college, and title of the work. Compressed works can be
uploaded via FTP. To obtain a login please contact timeartsniu@gmail.com

      >>>>>>>>>> Entry rules

A maximum of three works per author can be submitted on VHS or DVD with the
production year of 2004, 2005 or 2006.

Material posted from outside of the USA must be marked with the comment:
"For temporary, cultural purposes only - No commercial value."

The entry implies the acceptance of the regulations of the NIU TImeArts
H.I.V.E festival.

Each work must reflect both a sense of personal enquiry and a high level of
experimentation with the medium. The programming committee's decision is

Postmarked Deadline for entries is Thursday, October 25, 2007.

All entrants chosen will be notified by Thursday, November 1, 2007.


Please send all mail submissions to:

Professor Michael Salmond, Art 319

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL 60115. USA

Or visit the website:


If you have any questions? Email us at timeartsniu@gmail.com

Submissions cannot be returned.

Please use separate entry forms for each title/work. Do include a synopsis for each title. Please fill in the form completely, either type written or in CAPITAL/UPPERCASE letters.

We invite you to send your works in the areas of, video, DVD, CD-ROM. Please
use separate entry forms for each title/work..

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