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<nettime-ann> Digital Fringe Festival Final call for artworks

Digital Fringe – Final Call for entries:

Do you have some artworks that you want seen by thousands?

Digital art has been flowing in from all corners of the globe. Digital Fringe is seeking further submissions of digital visual material to broadcast over the Internet and all over Melbourne as part of the The Age 2007 Melbourne Fringe Festival: September 26 to October 14.

We are calling for art works to display on all screens and to become part of the general stream. These may be stills, animations, video art, short film, abstract pieces, audio, …whatever!

This material will make up part of the general stream which will play on all screens throughout the festival all over the city of Melbourne, and can be accessed online. Artists will retain the copyright of all works and can choose to publish their works under the Creative Commons license system.

Digital Fringe is an open access web based digital arts festival that runs in conjunction with The Age 2007 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Connecting to Melbourne and further afield through numerous screens, from the monster screen at Federation Square to a host of other screens around town, Digital Fringe will pop up in the most unlikely places.

Entries accepted up until the end of the Fringe festival - October 14.

Submissions can be uploaded via the Digital Fringe website <>

For lots more info and to see the art works, log onto <>

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