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Subject: [IMC-Tech] Invitation: techmeet 2007 / invitacion: techmeet
2007 / encontro tecnico 2007
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 01:19:15 -0300
From: elisa <>


Invitation: TechMeet - 2007 -

This letter is an ivitation to anti-capitalist activists to join the
TechMeet 2007, which will take place in distributed events during the
period of Octuber 10th untill October 31st, 2007.


Last year, groups and activists related to the tech area met in São
Paulo - Brazil with the intention to bring people together to look for
mutual cooperation on their common work guidelines and actions
( From this first meeting we
had the will to establish a point of convergence and a forum between
many activists who work mainly with technology and social change.

Why is it important?

After the height of the anti-globalization movement, there was a general
flowing back and majority of the groups conected to the tech area
started to operate only locally, loosing the vision of the global
situation. In parallel, we could watch a hardening of the repression:
servers being kinapped, police raiding squats, colocations and social
centers as well as the increase of the initiatives to monitor
communications and to espionage.
Therefore, more than ever is necessary to join efforts, to eliminate
redundant work (and at the same time invest on the redundance of
structures) and to think in new forms of security and resistance against
the continue increase of social control, on the Internet as well as on
the streets.
To join efforts means to work with a distributed infrastructure of
servers, as well as, for instance, to think in CMS that can satisfy the
necessity of the majority of the groups in way that each one of them
doesn't need to search and develop solutions separately.

How to participate?

Differently of the TechMeet 2006, this year the meeting wont be hosted
at a single place. For the contrary, TechMeet 200
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