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The Imaginary Border Academy (L’Académie de la frontière imaginaire) was initiated at the Artivistic gathering in Montreal , 25-27 October, 2007;

Details of the manifesto and curriculum were developed in a workshop hosted by Ralf Homann & Farida Heuck / Schleuser.net (DE), Nahed Mansour (Montreal), Kayle Brandon / Duo.Irational (UK), The Boredom Patrol of CIRCA (US), Mushon Zer-Aviv (IL), Andrew Paterson (SCO/FI), among others.

It is our aim to provide copyleft pedagogical resources for engaging all forms of borders.

As was agreed with the clink of two Caribs by an incomplete decision making body, the academy is within the tradition of Autonomous Education, Free Universities, Community Education and Free Skools. The academy strives to cultivate a non-hierarchical pedagogical approach to understanding, subverting and undermining borders.

The Academy's Wiki - http://notyetbe.stikipad.com/iba/
The Mailing list - http://lists.borderacademy.org/listinfo.cgi/discuss-borderacademy.org


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