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<nettime-ann> Visions and Imagination: Advanced ICT in Art and Science Symposium

Visions and Imagination: Advanced ICT in Art and Science Symposium - AHRC ICT Methods Network event organised by Tesla@Computer Science Department, University College London (UCL)

November 24, 9:00 ? 18:00

South Wing Garwood LT, first floor, South Wing, Main Building, Gower Street

(If you have difficulties finding the exact location, please ask for the direction at the UCL main entrance gate, Gower Street)

About the event:

This symposium will centre around methodological questions and problems within the emerging field of art and science, particularly those involving the use of advanced information and communication technologies (ICT).

The history of computer art/media art now covers a period of almost half a century, so it is clear that the use of ICT in art practice has a long tradition. However, though the field of art and science applies ICT in a novel, challenging and often controversial manner it still appears to be relatively overlooked. ICT is not only a major facilitator and catalyst in the process of amalgamating art with science; it is also capable of linking the two fields in a truly exploratory way. In addition, many contemporary art and science projects result from experiments using ICT methodologies in ways similar to those used in the latest scientific and technological research.

This one-day symposium brings together representatives of the relevant communities to present, debate, and formulate a preliminary positioning and assessment of the field of ICT-enabled art and science. A small group of invited key figures such as practising artists, curators, scientists and futurists, curators, educators and representatives of funding bodies will be strongly encouraged to take a visionary and speculative approach in addressing what they perceive to be the relevant questions and problems.


Alexa Wright and Mike Lincoln: The Art and the Science of A Speech-based Interactive Installation
Ann Borda: Community and Innovation : JISC Funded Activity in the Arts & Humanities
Anthony Steed: Mixed-Reality Systems: Revealing the Real and Virtual Worlds
Gordana Novakovic: Neuroplastic art
Helen Sloan: Method or hypothesis: the changing role and importance of ICT in arts and
science projects
Janis Jefferies: In Collaboration
Julie Freeman: Combining the odd: carp behaviour, nanotextures, empathy detection
Liliane Lijn: Starshine -Stardust: Are we so different?
Paul Brown: The Pursuit of Autonomy: Art that Makes Itself
Peter Bentley: Viewing Systemic Computation
Stelarc: Extra Ear - Ear on Arm

For speakers' abstracts and further details please see:


Participation is free of charge, but please note that the number is very limited, so book well in advance, using the link http://www.methodsnetwork.ac.uk/activities/reg_form.html ? for the title of the event in the form please type as follows:

Visions and Imagination: Advanced ICT in Art and Science

Postgraduate students working within the field are particularly welcome to participate and if they wish to present their posters, they should email Gordana Novakovic after submitting the application form ( G.Novakovic@cs.ucl.ac.uk )
(Important note from AHRC ICT Methods Network: "We welcome applications from individuals who would like to attend Methods Network Workshops and Seminars. Participants are usually required to fill out a registration form before attending a Methods Network event. Under no circumstances is it acceptable simply to turn up on the day. All our events are monitored and evaluated, and we are careful not to exceed the maximum numbers conducive to a structured and effective event. ")

Very much looking forward to seeing you then,

Gordana Novakovic

artist in residence
Tesla Art and Science Research Interest Group
Department of Computer Science
University College London
Malet Place, London WC1E 6BT

Email: G.Novakovic@cs.ucl.ac.uk

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