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<nettime-ann> [oil21] This weekend at Wiederaufbau für Kreditanstalt

Wiederaufbau für Kreditanstalt
Mauerstraße 68, Ecke Leipziger
U2 Mohrenstraße, U6 Stadtmitte

Thursday, November 15, 9 pm
Checks and Balances. Introducing Wiederaufbau für Kreditanstalt
Opening event with Jan Gerber and Sebastian Lütgert

"The Oil of the 21st Century" invites you, for a night of mostly
copyrighted music and some assorted drinks, back to a rather
historic street corner in South Mitte -- even though, ten years
after, that history may be relatively difficult to reconstruct.
As opposed to -- and across from the entrance to the parking
garage of -- "Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau", which is the
national "Bank for Reconstruction", "Wiederaufbau für
Kreditanstalt" means "Reconstruction for Bank". As a name for a
venue, this may be a slightly more honest assessment of one's
own role in the long history of permanently temporary spaces and
strategic redevelopment of property in the center of Berlin.

Friday, November 16, 3 pm - late
Saturday, November 17, 1 pm - late
Shivers of Sharing. Offsite Backup for the Rest of Us
A two-day workshop with Jamie King ( and
James Stevens (

"Shivers of Sharing" is an event based on the principle of
person-to-person exchange of materials from the public domain.
For two days, a local ad-hoc network will be created among
participants. One of the key concepts of the workshop is the
idea of the "offsite backup" -- the fact that personal data and
private archives are much less susceptible to corruption, loss,
theft, human error or technical failure once they are mirrored,
in parts or in entirety, across multiple physical locations.
Please bring laptops, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, music
players, cables and power plugs.

Sunday, November 18, 7 pm
Copyfarleft & Copyjustright
Lecture and discussion with Dmytri Kleiner (

Challenges to traditional copyright resulting from peer-to-peer
applications, free software, file-sharing and appropriation art
have caused a wide ranging debate on the future of copyright.
Dmytri Kleiner brings existing critiques of material property
from the left to bear upon the realm of copyleft artistic
production and asks how, within the existing copyright regime,
can artists earn a living?

The Oil of the 21st Century

The Oil of the 21st Century is a project by Bootlab,
based on a concept by Partner gegen Berlin, produced
in cooperation with Sarai, The Thing and Waag Society,
and funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

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