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<nettime-ann> new issue of transversal web journal: translating violence


translating violence
transversal web journal

How can the silence of those be translated, who are not even conceded an articulated language? There is only one possibility: translating injustices and inequalities and thus voicing them instead of negating them. It is only in this way that otherness which has been silenced can regain language.
Far from being a purely textual phenomenon, in this issue of the web journal transversal coordinated by Rada Ivekovi
ć, translation is always already a contextual translation of life, experience and politics. The extent to which this calls for a politics of translation that questions both the original and the role of the translator, is explored in this issue on the basis of questions of biopolitical violence and heterolinguality, language politics in Gujarat, art politics in Taiwan, and concrete translation problems of feminist terminology.


Rita Kothari: Diffusing Polarizations: Language and Translation at the Time of the Gujarat Riots
Joyce Chi-Hui Liu:
Logics of Ethos and the Translations of Unheimlich. Wu Tianzhang and the Post-Martial Law Era in Taiwan
Dongchao Min:
Translation as Crossing Borders. A Case Study of the Translations of the Word ‘Feminism’ into Chinese by the CSWS
Anna Nadotti:
In the Infinite Labour of Translation an Impossible Map Emerges. The Other Walking Alongside us Takes Shape
Jon Solomon:
Translation, Violence, and the Heterolingual Intimacy

New translate-texts on transversal
Stephan Adolphs / Serhat Karakayalı
: Micropolitics and Hegemony. Contra the New Para-Universalisms: Pro Anti-Passive Politics

Dmitry Vilensky
: What Does It Mean to Make Films Politically Today?

New texts in the “thematic strands“
Susan Kelly
: Ulster must be defended! On the uses of Cultural Translation in Northern Ireland’s Race War

Ina Kerner
: Challenges of Critical Whiteness Studies

Peter Spillmann
: MigMap: Translate it!

translate. Beyond Culture: The Politics of Translation

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