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<nettime-ann> [event] Verbindingen-Jonctions 10

**  Interdisciplinary & multimedia festival
**  Constant - association for art  & media
**  Where: La Bellone, Q-02, La Compilothèque, Actic asbl
**  When: Saturday 17/11 - Sunday 2/12
**  Info:

Video library, installations, live concerts, video experiments,
screenings, workshops, performances, lectures, demo

**  Opening: Saturday 24 November 14:00 at La Bellone

Tracks in electr(on)ic fields, gestures transformed into data, codes
that set bodies in motion, prescriptions that ask to be interpreted.
Pretended or real identities spread like viruses as they are carried
across networks by (un)controlable, commercialised and personalised
information services, inhabiting borders and embodying rumours.

The interdisciplinary festival Jonctions/Verbindingen is at its tenth
edition. On location at La Bellone, Constant proposes a series of
reflections on our bodily, psychological and formal relationship to
technology. Following four parallel threads, Verbindingen/Jonctions
mixes electronic music, free distribution, software creation, playful
experimentation, sociological survey, electronic cooking, experimental
archiving and techno-performance. What traces do technologies leave on
us, and how do we in return leave imprints on that technology? How can
we imagine other readings of the ‘codified movements’ we perform
vis-a-vis technology? How do we act around machines, and can we shift
away from repetitive strain, to gestures that practice, point and probe?


With a.o.: Valérie Laure Benabou, Pierre Berthet, Christina Clar, Michel
Cleempoel, Valérie Cordy, Séverine Dusollier, The Embassy of Elgaland
Vargaland, Andrea Fiore, Dominique Goblet, Tsila Hassine , Simon
Hecquet, Guy-Marc Hinant, Dmytri Kleiner, Christophe Lazaro, la Ligue
des Droits de l'Homme, Manu Luksch, Adrian Mackenzie, Natalia de Mello,
Michael Murtaugh, Alejandra Nunez Perez, Julien Ottavi, Jussi Parikka,
Sadie Plant, Praticable,  Sabine Prokhoris, Antoinette Rouvroy , Carl
Michael Von Hausswolff, Marc Wathieu , Michael Terry,  Simon Yuill...


Complete programma  including biographies of participants and addresses on

VJ10 stream and chat on :

Lectures, workshops or other activities are free, for some workshops
reservation might be required: send an email to
Where possible VJ10 offers translations in French, English or Dutch,
either through summaries or live interpretations. Food and drinks will
be avaible at La Bellone for a modest price.

** C O N S T A N T
** Fortstraat 5
** 1060 St. Gilles, Brussels
** T / F: +32 (0)2 5392467
** Constant is supported by
** the Flemish Authorities
** & the Vlaamse GemeenschapsCommissie
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