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<nettime-ann> Elsewhere Residency 2008

Please post this residency listing.
Thank you
George Scheer
Collaborative Director
Elsewhere Artist Collaborative
606 South Elm Street
Greensboro, NC

Elsewhere Artist Collaborative
2008 residencies for artists, writers, and cultural producers

Elsewhere, an arts production site and experimental museum in downtown Greensboro, NC, is seeking artists, writers, and cultural producers for residencies during its Spring, Summer, and Fall 2008 seasons. Set within a former thrift store housing a 58-year collection of American surplus, thrift, and antiques, Elsewhere invites experimental creators to utilize the immense collection of objects to pursue site-specific material, conceptual, and/or technologically-based projects. Elsewhere's building—two storefronts on the ground floor, a 14-room boarding house on the second, and warehouse on the third—provides dynamic architectures for the creation and installation of works. Artists live and work within transforming installations; these interactive environments become platforms for re-conceptualizing the theory and practice of art-making as an ongoing process of exchange in community. Experimenting with museum-as-medium within a store where nothing is for sale, Elsewhere offers an unparalleled framework for art practices, processes, and productions outside the traditional gallery, museum, and residency systems. The complete call for artists, residency brochure (PDF), and application deadlines are available at  Email George Scheer, Collaborative Director, at for an application.


Spring: April 1st to May 31st (final deadline January 25th 5pm)
Summer: June 1st to August 31st (final deadline February 22nd 5pm)
Fall: September 1st to October 31st (final deadline May 23rd 5pm)

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