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<nettime-ann> Announcing the release of SVEN CV computer vision software

Announcing the release of SVEN CV computer vision software...

SVEN CV - the computer vision software used for SVEN (Surveillance Video Entertainment Network - is now available to the public. The features and interface were designed specifically for the SVEN project, so the interface isn't what you might expect from user-friendly, general purpose software. However, we hope it can be useful for other public space projects, as it is specifically designed to track people in uncontrolled settings, as opposed to a gallery or stage where lighting, background, clothing, etc., can be controlled.

About SVEN CV...
SVEN CV is a software application for real time tracking of pedestrians, using OpenCV. Its robust build has features for tracking several individuals with all kinds of foreground and background occlusions. It also provides real-time subjective features such as face detection and expression; hair and clothing color; segmentation of the body to give positions for head, shoulders, and torso; direction of movement and more. It transfers the data including the coordinates of the person's outline (matte) to a specified IP address or the local machine via a UDP port. It supports input from both live camera and AVI files.

There are already several computer vision applications available geared toward "artists." So why did we bother to develop our own?

1) We wanted some specific features that weren't available in existing software. These may or may not be of use to you. But more importantly...

2) We wanted it to work in public space. The SVEN project deals with surveillance, and surveillance happens in public places: corridors, storefronts, outside on the street, etc. The computer vision applications for artists we found tended to assume a controlled setting like a gallery or stage, where changes in lighting and background wouldn't be a problem. While the best results with SVEN CV are still obtained with minimal background changes and reasonably flat, constant lighting, SVEN CV is designed to adapt to changes in background and applies heuristics to eliminate as much as possible errors due to shadows and lighting changes.

Complete licensing information is included in the Readme. But in general, SVEN CV and its source code can be used freely for educational, research and non-profit purposes; however permission must be obtained for commercial use.

SVEN CV software is written by Vincent Rabaud, developed in coordination with Amy Alexander

The SVEN project was initiated and directed by Amy Alexander; Lead Video Developer Wojciech Kosma; Lead
Computer Vision Developer Vincent Rabaud; Production Assistan Marilia Maschion. Technical direction,
utility programming and occasional video programming by Amy Alexander.

Additional video programming by Jesse Gilbert; additional computer vision programming by Nikhil Rasiwasia; additional utility programming by Cristyn Magnus; additional production assistance by Annina Rüst.


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