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<nettime-ann> Resistance activities in Karachi this week


Please note time/date of People's Resistance activities this coming week in Karachi:
MONDAY, Dec 10 - Human Rights Day being observed as a 'black day' by HRCP, PFUJ/KUJ and People's Resistance
4 pm, Karachi Press Club - wear black.

TUESDAY, Dec 11 -  - 'Live with Talat' - featuring Talat Hussain, & Nusrat Javeed & Mushtaq Minhas (Bolta Pakistan)  - these are shows/hosts of shows banned by the govt.
Karachi Press Club - 2.00- 4.00 pm sharp
Confirmed guests include Justices (r) Wajihuddin Ahmed, Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, Majida Rizvi & Rasheed Rizvi (Prez. SHCBA) and Noor Naz Agha.
FRIDAY, Dec 14 - The big rally - Join us to demand the Restoration of the Judiciary & the Media and Revoke the PCO. 
4.00 pm - Meet at Regal Chowk, end at Press Club.
All organisations, parties and individuals who support these demands are welcome. Bring your friends. Register your protest. 
Thank you & see you there.
In solidarity, and on behalf of People's Resistance
Sophia, Awab, Sabeen, Noman, Urooj, Yasir, Uzma, Anis, Asad, Afiya, Naeem, Beena, .... (please add your name here and pass this email on to your friends - thank you)

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