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(Apologies for cross-postings -Many thanks for forwarding this information to whom it may concern) 

CAC.2: Computer Art Congress
Emerging forms of computer art: making the digital sense 

March 26, 27, 28, 2008 - Mexico City, Mexico
Organised by: 
The Paragraphe Lab, University of Paris VIII (France), the Monterrey Tech Campus Toluca and Campus Estado de México (Mexico), and Europia Productions organize the 2nd. edition of Computer Art Congress.
Call for Papers and Art Works
The first CAC'2002 observed that the origins of Computer Art (CA) are to be found in the fields of Art and Sciences. This duality has greatly delayed its recognition. Today, we are witnessing the emergence of a multidisciplinary community which has been spurred on by the advanced computer sciences. Members of this community share certain "conceptions" related to Visual Art in general and to Computer Art in particular. Nowadays, six years later, we witness an enlargement of Computer Art boundaries mainly led by its unusual development. Distance between Art and Science has narrowed to the point that CA looks to be quite an independent and autonomous field starving to reach its maturity. From this perspective, CA cannot evolve separately from the IT development strategy. Today, along with digital content production, which is in some measure produced accordingly to collective intelligence schemes, we also observe emerging forms of CA that strive to develop new ways to interact with digital content, new artefacts that repurpose digital content and new paradigms that aim to make sense of CA. In this manner, several questions need to be posed and analysed:
 * Does CA have its own identity? If yes, what about it?
 * Does CA belong to the Art universe? If yes, how to situate it?
 * Does CA belong to the digital universe? If yes, how does it fit-in?

CAC'08, has chosen Mexico, to call artists, authors, creators, distributors, instructors, inventors, journalists, managers, producers, 
scientists and technologists, concerned by those emerging artistic and technological forms, contributing, collaborating and exchanging 
their art-works, experiences, know-how, knowledge and visions on the "digital" Art. The Computer Art Congress endeavours to be a common forum for exchange between Artists, Researchers, and Technologists involved 
in this artistic area. The topics of the congress were chosen to establish a multi-disciplinary environment for participants from several 
backgrounds, to discuss how computer/media/network art can take its own place in the art.

The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to, the following major topics:
    * Aesthetics of Computer Art
    * Animation and Computer Art
    * Algorithmic Art
    * Collaborative Art
    * Computer Art and art
    * Computer Art and non-linear culture
    * Computer Art and video games
    * Color in Computer Art
    * Digital Games Art
    * Global Culture
    * History of Computer Art
    * Interactive Computer Art
    * Linguistic and Computer Art
    * Music in Computer Art
    * New forms of Computer Art
    * Networked Art
    * Online Computer Art
    * Epistemology of Computer Art
    * Plenary (keynote) presentations
    * Panels and roundtables
    * Workshops and tutorials
    * Exhibitions, demonstrations and posters
    * Communications and article presentations
    * Corporate showcases
    * Corporate stands

Authors and artists interested may submit a 3-page proposal. To send a proposal, consider these specifications:
    * Text: Arial, 12 pts.
    * Accepted file formats: RTF, DOC (Verify that the file name only contains alphanumeric characters).
    * For digital artwork: send a description of your work and ask for an account to upload your work via FTP 
All proposal must be sent to
Please include the submission form into your proposal, which can be downloaded on the conference website:


Scientific Advisory Board
    * Pau Alsina, Open University of Catalonia, Spain
    * Roy Ascott, University of Plymouth, UK
    * Jean Pierre Balpe, University of Paris VIII, France
    * Reza Beheshti, TUDLFT, The Netherlands
    * Maurice Benayoun, CiTu, France
    * Jay D. Bolter, Georgia Tech, USA
    * Pierre Boulanger, University of Alberta, Canada
    * Ron Burnett, Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, Vancouver, Canada
    * Moraima Campbell, ITESM Campus Monterrey, Mexico
    * Maricruz Castro Ricalde, ITESM Campus Toluca, Mexico
    * Giovani De Paoli, University of Montreal, Canada
    * Ken Friedman, Norwegian School of Management, Norway, and Design School, Denmark
    * Octavio Islas, ITESM Campus Estado de México, Mexico
    * Christian Jacquemin, CNRS-LIMSI and University of Paris XI, France
    * Thomas Linehan, Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA
    * Roger Malina, CNRS, France and Leonardo, USA
    * Lev Manovich, University of California, San Diego, USA
    * Stuart Moulthrop, School of Information Arts and Technology, University of Baltimore, USA
    * Philippe Quéau, UNESCO
    * Everardo Reyes García, ITESM Campus Toluca, Mexico (CAC.2 Local Chair)
    * Francis Rousseaux, IRCAM, France
    * Imad Saleh, University of Paris VIII, France
    * Khaldoun Zreik, University of Paris VIII, France (CAC General Chair)

Organizing Committee
    * Adriana Facha Madrigal, ITESM Campus Estado de México, Mexico
    * Fernando Gutiérrez, ITESM Campus Estado de México, Mexico
    * Héctor Padilla, ITESM Campus Guadalajara, Mexico
    * Everardo Reyes García, ITESM Campus Toluca, Mexico (CAC Local Chair)

The congress' main location will take place at the Monterrey Tech Campus Toluca and Campus Estado de México facilities in Mexico City and Toluca City, respectively. Exhibition spaces will be held at important museums both in Mexico City and Toluca City. IMPORTANT DATES
    * First Call for papers: September 10, 2007
    * Second Call for papers: October 15, 2007
    * Last Call for papers: November 10, 2007
    * Submissions: December 31, 2007
    * Author's notification: January 19, 2007
    * Proceedings file: January 31, 2008
    * Early Registration: January 19, 2008
    * Advanced Registration: March 14, 2008 (after this date, registration is on site)
    * Congress dates: March 26 - 28, 2008

* Accepted papers will be distributed in a printed copy, published by Europia, Paris (not included with registration rates).
* A digital copy of papers will be distributed in the complimentary congress DVD.
* Accepted papers may be selected for their publication in a special issue of the International Journal of Design Sciences and Technology (
* Artistic works and demonstrations will be assembled and distributed in a complimentary DVD and on a dedicated FTP server.

CAC'08 International Chairman:
Khaldoun ZREIK, Laboratoire paragraphe, University of Paris VIII Vincennes Saint-Denis, France. Département Hypermédia 2 rue de la liberté 93526 SAINT-DENIS CEDEX
Tel: (33) (0)1 49 40 67 58 ou (33) + (0)1 49 40 64 25
Fax: (33) (0)1 49 40 67 83

CAC'08 Local Chairman:
Everardo Reyes García, ITESM Campus Toluca, Mexico
Animation and Digital Art Dept.
Eduardo Monroy 2000. San Antonio Buenvaista.
50110. Toluca, Mexico.
Tel. (52) 72 22 79 99 90 ext. 2215
Fax. (52) 72 22 74 11 78

CAC'08 Local Coordinators:
Adriana Facha & Fernando Gutiérrez, ITESM Campus Estado de México. Communication and Digital Art Dept. Carretera Lago de Guadalupe Km. 3.5 52926. Atizapán de Zaragoza, Estado de México. Tel. (55) 5864 5555 ext. 5636

Pau Alsina 

Estudis d'Humanitats
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya 

Artnodes: art, ciència i tecnologia
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
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