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This is the first bilingual online edition of Krisis, journal for 
contemporary philosophy, after having appeared in print, and in Dutch, 
for 27 years. We present contributions to four debates. Menno Hurenkamp 
and Jan-Willem Duyvendak reflect on the question how we can think 
'community' in today's Netherlands.

Further, Krisis dedicates a 'file' to the recent book of Veit Bader, 
Secularism or Democracy; Associational Governance of Religious 
Diversity. He defends the thesis that secularism is not a condition of 
liberalism and democracy, as many contemporary defenders of 'The 
Enlightenment' contend. Instead, secularism may even partly stand in 
the way of liberal democracy. After a short introduction to the book by 
Bader, three critics (Anders Berg-Sørensen, Irena Rosenthal and Anton 
van Harskamp) present their responses to the book, and Bader replies.

We also publish two pieces by Josef Früchtl and Mieke Bal that formed 
the basis for a by now rather legendary debate held in March this year 
about the relation between philosophy and cultural analysis. Finally, 
we publish an interview with Jacques Rancière, a representant of the 
generation of 1968 whose recent rethinking of the relation between 
aesthetics and politics appears to have revived the relationship 
between this old couple. Lastly, impressions and reviews. Reactions are 
welcome at

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