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<nettime-ann> new issue of transversal web journal: monster institutions


monster institutions | instituciones monstruo | monster-institutionen

The new edition of transversal in cooperation with the Spanish Universidad Nómada takes up the most controversial line of the project transform: the relationship between “institutions” and “movement”. This is not done to continue the polemic “state apparatus versus autonomous politics” endlessly, but rather to critically investigate specifically the institutions of the movement. This also involves postulating the possibility of a new phase of institutionality breaking out, one that is assessed as hybrid and monstrous, which ultimately promotes the materialization of a different politics. The most important lines of reflection in this proposal raise questions about which new mental prototypes are needed for which new forms of knowledge and political subjectivation, which forms of institutionality for the “new generation” of social centers, which virtuoso and risky dynamics of negotiation and conflict, and which cycles and networks to flee, disrupt and sabotage the domination of new metropolitan governance.


Universidad Nómada
: Mental Prototypes and Monster Institutions. Some Notes by Way of an Introduction
Atelier Occupato ESC
(Rome): The Metropolis and the So-Called Crisis of Politics. The Experience of Esc
Pablo Carmona, Tomás Herreros, Raúl Sánchez Cedillo, Nicolás Sguiglia
: Social Centres: Monsters and Political Machines for a New Generation of Movement Institutions
Erika Doucette, Marty Huber
: Queer-Feminist Occupations
Andrej Kurnik, Barbara Beznec
: Rog: Struggle in the City
Silvia López, Xavier Martínez, Javier Toret
: Oficinas de Derechos Sociales: Experiences of Political Enunciation and Organisation in Times of Precarity
Francesco Salvini
: The Moons of Jupiter: Networked Institutions in the Productive Transformations of Europe

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