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<nettime-ann> MA Interactive Media @goldsmiths end of year expo 2008


RW [Re-write] // Goldsmiths MA Interactive Media / expo

opening night thursday 3 july 6.00pm-10.00pm / friday 4 & saturday 5 july 10.00am-6.00pm /

richard hoggart building / room 300 / Goldsmiths

new cross / new cross gate
admission free / drinks free

RE-WRITE; Join our motley crew at the open lab session as we explore our relationship to the stuff we call 'media'........ The city collapses and reassembles as it gurgles and farts.  Experience its hidden depths and intimate encounters, watch as it mutates and gives birth to new fictions, or wade through it's discarded wardrobe. Come soak up some free love, indulge in cake and chit chat, tamper with an avatars dreams, and enter the dolls house. Re-write, this is media, but not as we know it.

Just insert your disc!

RW is a technique devised to complicate and de-familiarize culture through an investigation of of media ecologies. With RW one becomes abducted by how objects think. How they break habits and transform the user into a maze of capillaries. 

We spark activities of practical speculation on interactive media use, introducing and developing unlikely connections, bizarre geometries and odd couplings within theories and practices, reconfiguring formats, activating social platforms of intersection, mutating logic of thought and politics of action. Let the future pollute the present, juggle with fields of potential to infect the dream of capital. 

14 practitioners from the 7 seas have contaminated a disaffected corner of a Bath House on Laurie Grove, turning it into a centre of re-cre-ak-tivity for those turbulent entities called imiants, populating and spreading through the cracks and wrinkles of our cherished host. We are for infection and turmoil. 

The crosspollination of our diverse backgrounds have facilitated imaginative approaches to the nature and culture of media, constructing unfinished perspectives through a hotchpotch of software media, networking, philosophy, art, computer science, activism, anthropology and critical theory. We engage with open source and DIY culture experimenting with Re-Writing habitual practices of communication. Things become what they can be. They make us be what we can become. 

With RW What You See Is Not What You Get. Some say this is interaction. We like to call it potentiality.

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