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<nettime-ann> Media Content for the Web - extended deadline and scholarships available for the training in Sofia

The deadline for application for the training course "Producing media for the web: Open Source Software & web 2.0" is extended and there are still scholarships available for allocation.

The course takes place in Sofia from 11th to 16th of August this year.

It combines both a conceptual approach related to web 2.0, distribution of rich media content on internet, e-marketing, the potential of open source tools, and practical issues linked to production of audiovisual content for the web. During this course, trainees will learn the benefits of using open source software to deliver media content on the web. Trainees will work in teams to produce their own media rich sites as a means to learning powerful content management software and web 2.0 site design. Approaches to audio and video streaming will also be introduced. The course aims participation of artists looking to develop their own live and content rich site.

For more information on the training programme and conditions for participation, please visit

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