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<nettime-ann> exhibition: OTOMO YOSHIHIDE / ENSEMBLES


(Sorry for cross posting)

Dear all,
I'll send you information of an upcoming exhibition hosted by YCAM  
(Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media). We hope you experience this  
ambitious project.
- miki


Otomo Yoshihide is an artist who is always pursuing sound on an  
experimental basis in varied areas of music, such as free jazz,  
improvisation, noise music, contemporary music, electronic music, and  
film music. Performing the mediamix of space and image in the  
comprehensive world of sound in a multifaceted way, Otomo presents  
four new installations as YCAM-commissioned work.

The concept of this event is that "ENSEMBLES" composed of many people  
are brought together in further plurality. Musicians, sound creators  
and visual artists in and outside Japan produce various  
collaborations together with citizens to resonate with all the  
audience. Please come and enjoy a new landscape that will be open to  
the view when people come together and mingle.

Date/Time :
2008-07-05(sat) -10-13(mon)10:00-20:00
A: 2008-07-05(sat) -09-15(mon)10:00-20:00 / quartets, without  
records, filaments
B: 2008-08-23(sat) -10-13(mon)10:00-20:00 / orchestras, without  
records, filaments

Venue :
YCAM Studio A / Studio B / Library / Foyer / Patios

installtion 1: A
quartets (new work)
Period: July 5 (Sat.) - September 15 (Mon. )
Venue: Studio B
Participating artists:
quartet A: Otomo Yoshihide (JP)+Axel Dörner (GE)+Martin  
Brandlmayr (AT)+Sachiko M (JP)
quartet B: Kahimi Karie (JP)+Ishikawa Ko (JP)+Ichiraku Yoshimitsu  
(JP)+Jim O'Rourke (USA)Kimura Yuki (JP) [video-shooting and  
direction] +Benedict Drew (UK) [object and image]+Hirakawa  
Norimichi (JP) [programming, system]

installtion 2: B
orchestras(new work)
Period: August 23 (Sat.) - October 13 (Mon.)
Venue: Studio A
Participatign artists:
Otomo Yoshihide+Takamine Tadasu + many musicians

installation 3: A, B
without records (new version)
Period: July 5 (Sat.) - October 13 (Mon. )
Venue: Foyer, Gallery 2F, and Courtyard
Paticipating artists:
Otomo Yoshihide+Aoyama Yasutomo

installation 4: A, B
filaments(new work)
Period: July 5 (Sat.) - October 13 (Mon. )
Venue: Yamaguchi City Central Library in YCAM
Paticipating artists:
Filament [Otomo Yoshihide+Sachiko M]

Related live events;
1. ENSEMBLES opening live "Songs"
Otomo Yoshihide + Kahimi Karie + Hamada Mariko + Yamamoto Seiichi +  
Jim O’Rourke + Ichiraku Yoshimitsu + Ichiraku Madoka + Sachiko M +  
Aoyama Yasutomo + Benedict Drew
Date/Time :
2008-07-05(sat)19:30 (doors open at 19:00)
Venue :
YCAM Studio A /
Admission :
Unreserved seats only Advance ticket ¥2,700, ¥2,500 (members of  
"any" and special discount) Day ticket ¥3,000

2. orchestras opening live "Musics"
ONJO [Otomo Yoshihide + Kahimi Karie + Okura Masahiko + Aoki Taisei +  
Ishikawa Ko + Sachiko M + Unami Taku + Takara Kumiko + Mizutani  
Hiroaki + Yoshigaki Yasuhiro + Kondoh Yoshiaki] + Ameya Norimizu +  
Takamine Tadasu + rewall + Oto-asobi-no-kai + sound workshop  
participants + many others
Date/Time :
Venue :
1st set: YCAM, 2nd set: studio A /
Admission :
Unreserved seats only Advance ticket 1st set: Free / 2nd set:  
¥2,200, ¥2,000 (members of "any" and special discount) Day ticket  

3. ENSEMBLES closing live "Networks"
FEN(Far East Network) [Otomo Yoshihide(Tokyo) + Yuen Chee Wai 
(Singapore) + Ryu Hankil(Seoul) + Yan Jun(Beijing)] + Jin Sangtae 
(Seoul) + Hong Chulki(Seoul) + Choi Joonyong(Seoul) + Yamamoto Seiichi 
Date/Time :
2008-10-11 (sat)19:30 (doors open at 19:00)
Venue :
Studio A /
Admission :
Unreserved seats only Advance ticket ¥1,700, ¥1,500 (members of  
"any" special discount) Day ticket ¥2,000

The films which Otomo Yohihide participated in music is screening.

Directed by:Tian Chuan Chuan

1996/100min/Hong Kong
Directed by:Ann Khvoy
Cast : Michelle Yeoh

Directed by:Shinji Somai

Directed by:Shin Togashi

and more.

YCAM (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media)
7-7 Nakazono-cho, Yamaguchi, 7530075 JAPAN
TEL: +81-83-901-2222 FAX: +81-83-901-2216



Miki Fukuda
Manager, YCAM InterLab
YCAM (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media)
7-7 Nakazono-cho, Yamaguchi, 753-0075 Japan
tel: +81-(0)83-901-2222
fax: +81-(0)83-901-2216

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