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<nettime-ann> Exit Art presents Summer Mixtape Volume 1, opening Thursday July 24!

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June 27, 2008
PRESS CONTACT: Lauren Rosati
212-966-7745 x 15 / lauren@exitart.org


William Lamson, video stills from Follow (2006)and Levitation Exercise (2006)

Summer Mixtape Volume 1:
the Get Smart edition

July 24 � August 29, 2008
Opening: Thursday July 24, 2008 7-10pm
Everybody's a VIP fundraiser on July 11!

Martin Basher, Colby Bird, Tyler Coburn, Corey D�Augustine, Sarah Davis, Jason Duval, Cacy Forgenie, Donna Huanca, Rashid Johnson, Jayson Keeling, Joyce Kim, Dorota Kolodziejczyk, William Lamson, Kalup Linzy, Jeffrey Lopez, Marisa Olson, Rosemarie Padovano, Alyssa Pheobus, Thabiso Phokompe,
Fay Ray, Ted Riederer, Jacolby Satterwhite, Xaviera Simmons, Nick Stillman, Thomas Torrescordova,
Lan Tuazon, Yuh-Shioh Wong

Long after the cassette tape has become an obsolete relic of a clumsier analog era, the essence of the mixtape lives on through CDs and MP3 playlists. Summer Mixtape Volume 1: the Get Smart edition pays tribute to this vital form of popular _expression_ with a group exhibition that compiles some of the hottest work from the New York area that the curators have seen all year.

The curators looked back through previous calls for submissions, canvassed other curators and artists for recommendations, visited dozens of artists� studios, and saw hundreds of shows to wind up with the 27 artists that make up Summer Mixtape Volume 1. The works in the exhibition cover a vast array of themes and mediums, mirroring the diverse mix of sights, sounds and cultures on the streets of New York. The show also features a jukebox programmed specifically for the exhibition that includes mixtapes and cover art produced by the artists and some special guests.

Audio mixes are still made for long road trips, disc jockey sets, as mood-setters for parties, as surrogate love letters, and as outlets to hear the latest hip-hop hitting the streets. Yet despite its cultural ubiquity, the mixtape remains a durable emblem of counter culture. Drawing on these influences, Summer Mixtape Volume 1 materializes the mixtape�s spirit of appropriation, customization, unabashed nostalgia and relaxed fun.

Curated by Herb Tam, Associate Curator, and Lauren Rosati, Assistant Curator.

with treats from Sweet Tooth of the Tiger on opening night!


Colby Bird, Cado, 2008


Jeffrey Lopez, Ecstatic Communion, 2007



EVERYBODY'S A VIP - The Summer Mixtape Fundraiser
Friday, July 11, 8pm � midnight

featuring DJ Kiku, Hell Yup, and DJ Edowa
beer and wine at the bar

Join us for Everybody's a VIP, a fundraising party for Summer Mixtape Volume 1, featuring a night of dance-able music spanning hip-hop, electronica, old school, orchestral beats, down beat, and a MySpace mashup. $10 before, $15 at the door. Tickets are available for purchase on our website at www.exitart.org.

Friday, August 1, 7-9pm
Performances by artists Nick Stillman and Donna Huanca
and a Summer Mixtape jukebox listening session

�The Best Art Today� - With sonic contributions by artist Corey D'Augustine and noise band Knyfe Hyts, artist and Artforum critic Nick Stillman will deliver a slide lecture on the best art today.

�Rua Minx: Etapa del Funcionamiento (segundo)� - This performance by artist Donna Huanca, under the pseudonym RUA MINX, should be viewed as an experience rather than voyeuristic entertainment. Intuition and audience participation drives the performance, which may include the integration of videos, drums, sewing machine(s), bass, electronics, animals, and voice. For more information, visit www.ruaminx.com.

Tuesday, August 5, 7-9pm
Video mixtape by Prerana Reddy, Director of Public Events at the Queens Museum of Art, and a video mixtape by artist Colby Bird

Colby Bird presents �From Viennese Actionism to the Triumph of Vince Young�
Otmar Bauer, Carla Edwards, Nils Ericson, Insane Clown Posse/Twiztid,
Seth Price, Mariah Robertson, The Texas Longhorns, Josh Tonsfeldt,
Hype Williams, Xtreeme Films LLC, and viral video from anonymous sources

Prerana Reddy presents
�Mashup Worldwide � An International Video Mixtape Journey�
Reddy�s program is a compilation of artist and amateur videos that combine originally produced video content with popular audio and video samples, sometimes utilizing commercial gaming and animation technology, or novel video mixing/scratching software.  

Side A will include artists videos from: Eboman who utilizes submitted video tracks and combines them with live video scratching techniques; Swati Khurana who creates evocative Bollywood movie mashups that explore Diaspora experiences of desire and gender identities; Nina Paley, who sets her animated tales from the Hindu epic Ramayana against 1920's jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw; and Richard Wilson whose �the problems with infinity..." is a Quicktime movie that turns the Mac pointer icon into a the star of its own psychedelic musical. More TBA.

Side B features lo-res amateur mashup videos selected/remixed to demonstrate how video sharing technology allows for playful international dialogue around pop culture phenomena including various versions of: "The Bird Flu Dance" to Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat." Technical Assistance provided by Jawad Metni / pinholepictures.com

Tuesday, August 12, 7-9pm
Analog Cine Mix, a night of 16mm film

Big Bug Attack, Martha Colburn (3:00, 2002, color, sound)
What the Water Said, Nos. 1-3, David Gatten (16:00, 1997, B/W, sound)
Our Lady of the Sphere, by Larry Jordan (10:00, 1969, color, sound)
Runaway, Standish Lawder (5:25, 1969, color, sound)
Les Tournesols, Rose Lowder (6:00, 1982-1983, color, silent)
Glimpse of the Garden, Marie Menken (5:00, 1957, color, sound)
Garden Path, Mary Beth Reed and Stan Brakhage (7:00, 2001, B/W, silent)
Dancin� Monkey, Nat Zeller (10:00, 1960s, B/W, sound)


Exit Art is an independent vision of contemporary culture. We are prepared to react immediately to important issues that affect our lives. We do experimental, historical and unique presentations of aesthetic, social, political and environmental issues. We absorb cultural differences that become prototype exhibitions. We are a center for multiple disciplines. Exit Art is a 25 year old cultural center in New York City founded by Directors Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo, that has grown from a pioneering alternative art space, into a model artistic center for the 21st century committed to supporting artists whose quality of work reflects the transformations of our culture. Exit Art is internationally recognized for its unmatched spirit of inventiveness and consistent ability to anticipate the newest trends in the culture. With a substantial reputation for curatorial innovation and depth of programming in diverse media, Exit Art is always changing.  

General exhibition support from Carnegie Corporation, Jerome Foundation, New York State Council on the Arts, Starry Night Fund at The Tides Foundation, Exit Art�s Board of Trustees and our members. Public programs support provided by The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Special thanks to the Queens Museum of Art.

Exit Art is located at 475 Tenth Avenue, corner of 36th Street. Summer hours are Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday. There is a suggested donation of $5. For more information please call 212-966-7745 or visit www.exitart.org.

For more information about Summer Mixtape Volume 1: the Get Smart edition, click here.


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