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<nettime-ann> PhDs position in Visual Arts, Electronic Arts and Multimedia, Design Studies, Interactive/Multimedia Design or in similar areas.


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The Research Centre of Science and Technology in the Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP-CITAR), in Porto, Portugal, seeks two candidates with Ph.D. in one of following fields: Visual Arts, Electronic Arts and Multimedia, Design Studies, Interactive/Multimedia Design or in similar areas.

The candidate's should have at least three years experience, with relevant research practice in the research lines currently ongoing at CITAR. This call is open under the PhD Hiring Program for the National Science and Technology Centre sponsored by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation Programme CIENCIA2008.

The candidate's record should indicate outstanding intellectual quality and also demonstrate the ability to work in a team, sharing knowledge and responsibilities and assisting the development of projects that fit CITAR's research profile. The hired candidate will be expected to contribute with innovative approaches to the work and projects currently under development in CITAR, or in cooperation with other national and international research institutions. The ability to develop an interdisciplinary research approach in those areas is a quality that is highly valued.

The position in UCP-CITAR includes as main duties the conception, coordination and execution of R&D projects, coordination of scientific teams, scientific supervision of researchers at post-graduate level, production of scientific papers, and technology and science management, including proposal and negotiation of contracts.

Candidates should have a minimum of 3 years postdoctoral research experience. In exceptional cases, duly justified, FCT may consider accepting applicants with less than 3 years of post-doctoral experience.

The jury reserves the right not to fulfil the posts in the absence of qualified applications.

Selection does not necessarily imply admission and the actual/effective admission of pre-selected candidates is conditioned to the final decision of FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) and of UCP-CITAR.

Candidates must provide:

  • Detailed C.V., including most relevant publications;
  • Motivation letter describing research interests, possible date for the start of the contract, contact details (if not provided in the CV), and stating the reasons for applying to the positions and interest in working at CITAR;
  • A 5-year Research Proposal emphasizing research objectives, collaborations and expected contributions to research at CITAR unit;
  • Two recommendation letters (not from PhD supervisors);
  • Significant examples of the candidate’s work in the field (publications, creative and/or scientific work) (maximum of 3);
  • Abstract of doctoral dissertation (full document may be required later);
  • A copy of the PhD Diploma

Please refer to the job reference in all application materials [C2008-UCP/CITAR/2008].

CITAR invites eligible individuals to submit their expressions of interest. Please send your application to: Luís Teixeira (


Type of Position: Fixed Term Contract (Contrato a Termo)

Durations: up to 5 years

Limit Date to Reply: 30-Sep-2008


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