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<nettime-ann> Pecha Kucha Brussels Vol. 05 calling: 20 09 2008

Hello !

Pecha Kucha Brussels Vol. 05 calling.
Spread the word. Share the world.

Pecha Kucha, which is Japanese for the sound of conversation (bla bla), is a series of show-and-tell evenings for designers, architects, artists and creatives, started by Klein Dytham architecture in Tokyo in 2003 and now in 130 cities worldwide. The Brussels edition is launched and organised by Alok Nandi, Architempo, as part of {creativity*conversation}. It attracts a wide audience. The 5th Pecha Kucha Brussels will take place at Recyclart, on Sept. 20 at 20:20, part of the Design September programme and the Design Night.

The concept: each speaker has 6 minutes 40 sec. for a presentation in 20 images. Each image is on screen for only 20 seconds. No more, no less.
20 images x 20 seconds each. Tempo, story, tension, show-and-tell.

Enjoy the presentations and the conversations.
Catering & bar on site

Speakers planned for Sept. 20 are:

_ Chotima Ag-ukrikul & Bruno Peeters - Fiber City Flanders / St-Lucas Architectur
_ Alain Berteau - architect, designer
_ Bart BouckÈ - Froots of Boredom
_ SÈbastien Cruyt - architect
_ Shawn Coopers & Johan Rooms - fusionbureau design Tokyo
_ Line Couvreur & Pierre Emmanueli - Toquetoc & El Camion
_ Julien De Smedt - JDS Architects Kopenhagen, Oslo, Brussels
_ Michel Desvigne - landscape architect
_ Sebastien Fosseprez - seetiz
_ Cyriel Kortleven - Timenow
_ Aurore Lechien - Baselab - Basedesign
_ Pablo Lhoas & Pierre Lhoas - architects, designers
_ Giovanna Massoni & Imke Debecker - in.tangible.scape.s, AddictLab / IMEC
_ Nicola Setari & Charlotte Bonduel - Janus Magazine
_ Filip Standaert - De Stempel magazine
_ David Vanderburgh & Christine Fontaine - architects, designers
_ Barbara Vanderlinden - Brussels Biennale
_ Valery Vermeulen - Tamuraj - musician/mathematician

Pecha Kucha is organised by Architempo, part of the {creativity * conversation} series. Partners of Pecha Kucha Brussels are in kind and include Crosstalks/VUB, Design September, ecocode, followfocus, recyclart.

See you there.
Pecha K_cha !


PS: for those who are interested to be Pecha Kucha speaker for the next evening, do get in touch by mail at

PS: To get a feel of the diversity of themes covered, here is the list of previous speakers.

Pecha Kucha Brussels Vol.04
took place on 20 May at 20:20 and speakers were:
_ Moniek Darge, Music boxes, soundsculptures, audio art
_ Jean-luc Doumont, Principiae - Structuring thoughts
_ Jacqueline Ezman, Idiz Bogam, Fashion & Vintage
_ Henri Jacobs, Painter
_ Tom Lenaerts, Cellular Pecha Kucha - Biological Sciences
_ Ahmed Medhoune, Education Expert, Echevin, Sociologue
_ Micronomics Festival
_ Sebastian Moreno-Vacca, Architecte A2M-PMP, Passive House
_ Godfried-Willem Raes, Logos Foundation - Experimental Music
_ Jeff Stewart, Rock concerts for non-profit, Minneapolis, US
_ Phil Van Duyn, VP Creative Club Belgium, Adopt, ex-Ogilvy
_ Ward Verbakel, Ir. Arch. Urban Designer, Plus office
_ Z-ED Architecture

Pecha Kucha Brussels Vol.03
took place on 20 March at 20:20 and speakers were:
_ Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, designswarm,, London
_ Satinder Gill, Gesture and Multi-Modal Communication, UK
_ Luc Hoebeke retired and still searching, with Nirmala Isabelle Hoebeke, master in graphic arts
_ FranÁois JÈgou, Sustainable Everyday Project, SDS
_ Maja Kuzmanovic,, media art & design
_ Paolo Sacchettini - Torsen & car testing on frozen lakes
_ Sanjeev Shankar, architect/designer, street vending
_ Rob Van Kranenburg, RFID and cultural operator
_ Philippe Vandenbroeck, shiftn, scenario, photography
_ Olu Vandenbussche, design for the visually challenged
_ Danny Venlet, designer

Pecha Kucha Brussels Vol.02
took place on Sunday 20 January at 20:20 and speakers were:
_ Nik Baerten, future explorer, Pantopicon
_ Jean Paul van Bendegem, logic and philosophy of science
_ Salvatore Bono, architect Buro2networks
_ Bart Cardinaal & Nadine Roos, HunkDesign Rotterdam
_ CÈcile Chanvillard / CÈdric Libert / Vincent Piroux / Gilles Vanderstocken, ANORAK architecture
_ Levent Korkmaz, Jason Conner, The Hub Brussels
_ Jan van den Bergh, Boondoggle, ex iMerge, web design agency
_ Joannes Vandermeulen, archaeologist, user experience expert
_ Angelo Vermeulen, biologist artist video gamer performer DJ

Pecha Kucha Brussels Vol.01
took place on Tuesday 20 November at 20:20 and speakers were:
_ Bud Blumenthal - choreographer & dancer
_ Thierry Brunfaut - BaseDesign
_ Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn - Tale of Tales
_ Jan Kriekels - JAGA
_ Giovanna Massoni - independent curator
_ Francis Metzger - Ma≤ / Metzger et AssociÈs Architecture
_ FranÁois Pachet - CSL Sony Lab Paris
_ Paolo Pellizzari - photographer
_ Peter Scholliers - historian on everyday life and food
_ Diane Steverlynck ñ designer

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