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<nettime-ann> new issue of transversal web journal: borders, nations, translations


borders, nations, translations
transversal web journal

Home is where I understand and where I am understood, wrote Karl Jaspers once. If this home today is our globalized world, then its mother tongue cannot be but a translation, both linguistically and culturally. And yet, what if we want this home to have a political meaning, to be the place of freedom, justice and equality for all of us? Should we form a nation of translation and claim its sovereignty in an independent state? Who translates betrays: mother tongues, borders and, above all, the old political dreams. The betrayers of all the nations will never form a nation of their own. It is time for a new challenge. Is it possible to articulate the emerging trans-national culture of translation in non-cultural terms or, in other words, are we able to translate a trans-national cultural space into a common trans-cultural political action?
The current edition of transversal presents part I of texts from the conference "Borders, Nations, Translations. The Political Limits of Cultural Trans-Nationalism" (
http://translate.eipcp.net/conference), which took place in March 2008 in Vienna in conjunction with translate. Part II of the texts will be published in mid-September.


Rada Iveković: Translating Borders. Limits of Nationalism, Transnationalism, Translationalism
Sandro Mezzadra / Brett Neilson
: Border as Method, or, the Multiplication of Labor
Klaus Neundlinger:
Simultaneous – From Wage Form to Space Form?
Jon Solomon:
Rethinking the Meaning of Regions. Translation and Catastrophe
Hito Steyerl:
Politics of the Archive. Translations in Film
Tom Waibel:
Privateers in the Sea of Signs. Biopiracy and Translation Policies

translate. Beyond Culture: The Politics of Translation

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