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<nettime-ann> The 2008 Biennale of Sidney

Revolutions - Forms That Turn
Explore the 2008 online venue at online

Discover Caterina Davinio's works included in the 2008 Biennale of 
Sydney Online Venue
(Robyn Buchanan Coordinator)

The Enemy, 1997
This video was in the Venice Biennial in 1997 
(VeneziaPoesia, Nanni Balestrini Curator)

Knives, 2007

Tribute to Marcel Duchamp, 1999 (The famous animation from UFOP... 
Unidentified Flying Poetry Objects)

A Story, 2003
(With a beautiful sound poem by Julien Blaine, dedicated to the femal 

Enjoy discovering the online venue, it has been
receiving very good reviews.

international festival of contemporary art
16th Biennale of Sydney Revolutions - Forms That Turn * 18 June - 7 
September 2008

Artistic Director: Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Writer and curator based in Rome, Turin and New York

Press: Art Electronics Italia  Ten Years
The first Net-Poetry Project on line
1998 - 2008

Poetry in Phatic Function

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