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<nettime-ann> Fwd: Gallery Diapason: Open Call

> Diapason, a Brooklyn-based gallery for sound art, is initiating an  
> open call for the following:
> 1. Residencies
> Composers, sound artists, and other qualified individuals are  
> invited to submit proposals for working residencies utilizing  
> Diapason’s multi-channel sound environment.Diapason has two state-of- 
> the-art multi channel sound systems (described below). Interested  
> persons are invited to submit proposals for the use of the space to  
> create work. Dates and times are flexible. Residents will receive a  
> brief technical orientation but no technical assistance, unless  
> supplementary funding is provided.
> 2. Curatorial
> Emerging curators are invited to submit proposals for sound art  
> presentations at Diapason. Any format is acceptable, from single  
> artist retrospectives to group shows. Diapason is uniquely well- 
> suited for presentation of computer based multi-channel sound work.
> Curators are responsible for all aspects of the presentation,  
> including finding personnel to assist with setting up and tearing  
> down the show. They are also required to fundraise for their  
> projects, though Diapason will provide advice and support and its  
> status as a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation.
> 3. Programming
> Interested persons are invited to submit proposals for single  
> performances, screenings, installations, etc. Diapason offers its  
> space and sound systems, plus technical assistance. It is the  
> responsibility of the organizer to collect any funding, door fees,  
> etc., and to maintain the space.
> Description of the space
> Diapason consists of two rooms: the ³gallery² contains a powerful 8  
> channel sound system with a subwoofer and is designed for focused  
> listening. The floor is carpeted and there are pillows available as  
> well as some seating (cushioned benches, folding chairs).
> The ³lounge² contains a 12 channel sound system (without subwoofer),  
> as well as a 4 channel PA system and a Steinway Model ³O² grand  
> piano. It is set up in an informal way, with benches, chairs,  
> carpets, etc. ranged around the space.
> The multi-channel sound systems are connected to MOTU 896 (gallery)  
> and 828 (lounge) audio interfaces. Resident artists are expected to  
> bring a laptop with the necessary drivers.
> There are two Shure SM-57 microphones, Mackie 1604 and 1202 mixers,  
> a couple of small Behringer mixers and a stereo direct box. There  
> are plenty of XLR cables.
> There are 2 sets of track lights in each room. The number and  
> position of the individual lights can be adjusted.
> It is possible to use the walls for displaying objects, but this  
> must be approved by the gallery.
> There are Mac and PC computers available with Max/MSP, Pro Tools, DP  
> and other software.
> Diapason owns one video projector.
> Please submit initial inquiries to…
> Michael J. Schumacher, director
> Diapason gallery for sound and intermedia is a non-profit  
> performance and exhibition space that invites the public, artists  
> and composers to engage with contemporary music and sound practices.  
> Established in 2001 by composer Michael J. Schumacher and  
> choreographer Liz Gerring, Diapason has built on his efforts at  
> Studio Five Beekman, a sound gallery he founded in1996. With two  
> high-quality multi-channel sound systems Diapason¹s listening  
> environment draws a regular audience, and Diapason continues to be  
> the sole venue in New York City (and one of few internationally)  
> that is dedicated to both presenting multichannel sound  
> installations and providing space for composers and sound artists to  
> experiment, exhibit and perform. Diapason is supported by NYSCA, the  
> New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Phaedrus  
> Foundation, the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, The  
> Trust for Mutual Understanding, Kirk Radke, and other generous  
> individuals. Diapason is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.
> For more information:
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