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<nettime-ann> Recent entries on the Furtherfield blog.

Recent entries on the Furtherfield blog.

The Furtherfield Blog is a shared space for personal reflections on 
Media Art practice: making it, curating it, translating it.

Below is a selection of recent Blog entries. To read the rest of the 
varied posts just visit -

jon Cates - Jake Elliott + Dirty New Media.

Aileen Derieg - Being Audience.

Ruth Catlow - 2012 - The End.

Rachel Beth - An ant hill inspired from Ruth's mound...

Helen Varley Jamieson - 080808...

CBelow - Art on spam: part 1. Analogue translation-
Spam into different format/medium.

More Info about the Furtherfield blog:
This multi-blog is a place to intuitively explore media arts practice, 
together, as it occurs, to develop understanding and to learn, without 
any pressure to formulate complete arguments or to come up with answers. 
The blog was set up in Autumn 2006, initially as a place for informal, 
day to day exchange between members of the team, 
including editors/reviewers. The team discovered that this format suited 
some people more than others, always open to new contributors who 
practice in media art. The Furtherfield blog is not intended as a 
platform to promote particular projects. Instead bloggers explore their 
own perspectives on their own terms; personal thoughts, emotional 
responses and critical intentions that are rarely publicly discussed 
elsewhere in such detail.
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