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<nettime-ann> Digital Fringe 2008 call for submissions

Digital Fringe 08 Call for submissions

*Digital Fringe* is now accepting entries (video, stills or audio).

Ferret around your hard drives, dig out those gems and have your work seen on hundreds of public screens.

Uploaded content will play on an extensive network of screens around the world: from the web to retail television display walls to huge urban screens, hospitality venues, galleries, libraries and many other public nooks and crannys.

Visit to submit your works, and for more festival info.

Artist retain copyright of their works and have the option of utilising the Creative Commons licensing scheme.

Digital Fringe is also chasing *more screening venues* - so if you know of any idle screens in need of interesting art content in your area (in bars, shops, ....wherever) put them in touch with us or let us know at:

Digital Fringe is produced by *Horse Bazaar* as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival (September 24 - October 12)


DF08 Press Release

Horse Bazaar in association with Melbourne Fringe & Film Victoria presents


1's & 0's in your eyes. Digital Fringe pixels will catch your eyeballs somewhere this festival season. Digital Fringe is the digital arts arm of The AGE 2008 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Digital art from all over the world will be streaming into all sorts of nooks and crannies, across the Melbourne, Victoria & the world. See international emerging artists in your local pub, library, or shops. Have your eyeballs hijacked by MPU's guerilla projections as you wander through the cityscape at night.
Digital Fringe is a web based digital art festival that links to Melbourne and regional Victoria through site specific streaming of artistic digital content. Produced by Horse Bazaar, Digital Fringe 2008 will load up, stream out and shine across Melbourne, Regional Victoria and the world from Wednesday 24 September to Sunday 12 October as Melbourne Fringe Festival swings open its artistic carrel for the 26th year.

Digital Fringe provides artists with access to a network of 100’s of public screens and non-traditional audiences through-out the state (and the world). A continual playlist of digital art plays on a multitude of screens. This curated playlist is a compilation of silent, G rated visual works of animation, abstract, video art, short film, motion graphics, photography or other stills. It is the cream of the crop of 1000’s of submissions that results from an extensive local, national and international callout. Submissions are received from all around the world; from professional artists to bedroom doodlers and everybody in between. Screening venues range from busy bars and cafes, bustling shopping centres, walls of TV’s in Harvey Norman, JB Hifi & Retravision stores, State and regional libraries and art galleries, suburban shop fronts and on massive public screens like Federation Square. All works are also available via the Digital Fringe website

Digital Fringe once again features the Mobile Projection Unit (MPU). 3 weeks of public projection shenanigans and culture jacking feature as a centre piece of the festival. As the MPU rolls through the streets of Melbourne, guerrilla pixels alter buildings and billboards, and hijack public audiences across the city. Key features of the MPU van include realtime GPS map positioning of the van viewable on the Digital Fringe website, live video hookups to the artists in the van, text interaction between the MPU and the Web, and real-time monitoring of what the MPU is projecting. The MPU allows local artists to take their work to the streets and interact with the inner urban built environment, and the general Melbourne public at large.

Check out for info on the range of digital activities finding their way in from the fringe.
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