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<nettime-ann> Arctic Perspective Initiative announces the winners of its open architecture competition


Arctic Perspective Initiative announces the winners
of its open architecture competition

Three architects – Richard Carbonnier (Nunavut, Canada), Giuseppe Mecca (Italy), and Catherine Rannou (France) – have been selected as the joint winners of the Arctic Perspective Initiative open architecture competition. The challenge of this international competition was to design a zero-footprint mobile research unit for use by local populations in the Arctic. The unit is intended to facilitate a diverse range of technological research opportunities, such as remote sensing, environmental monitoring, video editing and streaming, and communications systems.

The three winning entries, each awarded €1500, were selected by an expert jury from 103 submissions from architects and engineers in more than 30 countries. The competition was the first phase of a design process, the next phase of which will involve working with the winning submissions through a collaborative design effort with local community members from Nunavut, Canada. A prototype unit will be tested in the field next year in Igloolik, Nunavut, by local media workers, hunters, youth and elders of the community.

API is committed to the empowerment and sustainable development of Northern communities through the collaboration and combination of science, arts, engineering and culture. The unit aims to serve as a model for mobile research in the north, incorporating proven local expertise, sustainable resources, and high tech solutions, while promoting open source data sharing strategies and management. All required power will come from green sources.

The Arctic Perspective Initiative (API) is a transnational art, science, and culture work group composed of HMKV (Germany), The Arts Catalyst (UK), Projekt Atol (Slovenia), Lorna (Iceland) and C-TASC (Canada). API is the brainchild of Marko Peljhan and Matthew Biederman, who met and worked together for the first time as crewmembers of the Makrolab mkII in Blair Atholl, Scotland in 2002. API intends to direct attention to the global cultural and ecological significance of the Polar Regions. In light of the effects of climate change, the Arctic is simultaneously a zone of crucial contemporary geopolitical controversy and a space with an opportunity for transnational, circumpolar, and intercultural cooperation and collaboration. API aims to do this through the empowerment of the local citizens of the North via new communications, sensing, aggregation, transmission and information sharing through participatory and open technology methodologies.

The design competition is but the first step towards what will develop, in 2010, into a large-scale (artistic) research project, the results of which will be documented in the exhibition ARCTIC PERSPECTIVE – THIRD CULTURE 2010. The exhibition will be on view from 11 June - October 2010 at PHOENIX Halle Dortmund, Germany, during the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010 as well as the international media-art conference ISEA2010 RUHR.

ARCTIC PERSPECTIVE – THIRD CULTURE 2010 is funded by the European Commission, the City of Dortmund and by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

For more information: nr=3594&rubric=exhibitions&


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