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<nettime-ann> LEGAMi_@_Futuro Remoto (Robot Art)

Robot Art Installation
Luigi Pagliarini & Mr. BD

The LEGAMI (meaning: bonds/links/ties/liaisons/relationships) Robot Art Installation presents itself as a somehow naive and ironical art piece that, at the same, explore different meanings, and in particular invokes an adequate reflection on the existing relationship amongst human being, technology and nature. The authors, starting from the use of âFatherboard, The Superavatarâ - a cyborg-similar costume, based on the Modular Wearable Robotics technology and originally thought for performances â build up a robot-cyclist engaged in as extreme as paradoxical ecological action: keeping a small plant alive throughout an incredibly sophisticated technological apparatus. The installation, in part a quotation of the memorable Disney's movie Wall-e, evidently, embodies many different present topics like the sustainability of technological development, humans mobility, the concept of resilience and so on. Within the Museum of Science of Naples and the FuturoRemoto Exhibit - that this year is devoted to modern robotics - you will find the LEGAMI installation right at the entrance.

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