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<nettime-ann> .: Washington DC Motion Graphics Festival :: Nov 18-22


Motion Graphics Festival 2009

New Motion + New Sound + New Code

Washington DC :: Nov 18-22


The DC Motion Graphics Festival showcases explosive artists and motion picture creators including: Shepard Fairey, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Chuck D of Public Enemy, KRS-One, Addictive TV, Digital Kitchen, The Mill, Passion Pictures, Animal Logic, Post Panic, Dvein, David Lobser and more.

MGFest presents a series of audio visual art happenings featuring live performances by: Ghostly's Matthew Dear aka Audion who recently wrapped up a European tour, the multi-talented composer and instrumentalist Benn Jordan widely known as The Flashbulb, and lightrhythm visuals sought after sketch projectionist Shantell Martin from Tokyo, plus many more surprises TBA with nightly eye-opening events happening November 19th through 21st.

MGFest Sponsors include: Maxon, Netdiver, SXSW, IdN, Stash DVD Magazine, Future Media Concepts, Lumen Eclipse, Sterling Ledet, 88DC, RE:Vision Effects, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, RHED Pixel, Create Digital Motion, Livid Instruments, All City Technology, UnScene, DigiEffects, Resolume, Lift Motion Design, GarageCUBE, Boris FX, VidVox, Toolfarm, Ableton, Michael Wiese Productions, fxphd, Wondertouch, and Clif Bar.

Silent Auction
for over $30,000 in software, DVDs and training materials.

.: Motion Graphics Festival ::

// Motion Graphics Festival

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