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<nettime-ann> cfp: Computational Aesthetics 2010

Call for Artworks, Performances, and Artist's Presentations

You are invited to participate in the sixth annual Symposium on Computational Aesthetics that will take place in London England on 14-16 June 2010. CAe is
co-located with Computer Graphics International and co-sponsored by the
Computer Arts Society.

Computational Aesthetics bridges the analytic and synthetic by integrating aspects of computer science, philosophy, psychology, and the fine, applied & performing arts. It seeks to facilitate both the analysis and the augmentation of creative behaviour. CAe also investigates the creation of tools that can enhance the expressive power of the fine and applied arts and furthers our
understanding of aesthetic evaluation, perception and meaning.
Invited artists will be involved in the technical, artistic, and theoretical aspects of this young field. The invited artworks aim to help participants better understand what aesthetics is, what computer technology is currently
capable of delivering, and what is involved in the creative process.

Artistic submissions are invited across the broad range of mediums covered by Computational Aesthetics. Specific examples include, but are not limited to:

•	artworks that employ real-time visual processing;
•	artworks that employ computer graphics on the web;
•	2D or 3D artworks that run on stand-alone consoles;
•	virtual worlds created for the web;
•	game art pieces that run on stand-alone consoles or the web;
•	performances that include live computer graphics and/or live real-
time visuals; and
•	artist presentations, posters or screenings that explore topics
related to computer graphics, modeling, and/or real-time visuals

A call for papers was also issued.

Artists should submit either a paper or artwork, but not both, as the intention is to give as much coverage of the arts as possible within the limited space of
the venue.

Artwork Submission:
Submitted artworks should be original works created in the past three years.
Artworks should be stand-alone and must be self-contained and run on a
computer console. Web-based work is encouraged and the venue has a wifi
connection. Proposals from performing artists should be submitted as a video or DVD recording only as there is no performance area/stage available for live work at the venue. All artists should provide their own computer hardware and
ancillary equipment. Submissions will be reviewed by the Arts Program
international committee (the names of whom will be posted on the website) and accepted works will be included in a catalogue section of the conference proceedings which will be published by Eurographics and also appear in the
Eurographics and ACM Digital Libraries.

Please send proposals including: Descriptive overview (proposed catalogue
entry) half page A4; images; sound samples; video; time-based works;
technical specification; artist’s resume/biography and artist’s statement; a detailed listing of your technical needs, including the equipment you will
provide and your space requirements; a link to a website which shows
examples of the work you will be presenting. Please submit to the online portal
below by the deadline of February 12, 2010.

Please note: Computational Aesthetics has some funding for artist bursaries to cover the conference entrance fee, but regrets no funding is available for travel, shipping or artist fees. Artists are expecting to apply for funding from their local institutions or granting agencies. Invited artists will be sent an official letter of acceptance. Submissions should comprise of a pdf file as the
descriptive overview (proposed catalogue entry) and be accompanied by a
single zip archive containing all other files (maximum size 5mb).

Submit via:

Arts Programme Chairs:

Nick Lambert (
Catherine Mason (
Arts Advisor: Stephen Boyd Davis, Head of Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts

Important Dates:

Submission deadline: February 12, 2010
Acceptance notification: March 12, 2010
Camera-ready deadline: April 1, 2009
Conference Dates: June 14 - 16th, 2010

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