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<nettime-ann> Artistic License


Produce your own customized Artistic License in a matter of minutes using your web browser. Instead of biometrics and radio frequency ID chips, Artistic License embraces freedom, collaboration, sharing, and imagination as keys to a more appealing modernity. While your Artistic License does not require that you look like yourself, and it does not impose factual restrictions, it nonetheless has the truthiness coveted by authority. And, if you make yours before December 15, 2009, you will be eligible for a free laminated Artistic License.

Choose from among these rationales for participation or invent your own:

 Leverage artifice to offset erosion of freedoms
 Recoup time honored forms of play
 Engage the joy of distortion, omission and irony
 Gain free admission to arts friendly establishments
 Incite the envy and respect of some peers
 Contribute to expansion of the creative commons
 Exploit offer for a free product

Brought to you by the unaided eye and Artcontext of Andy Deck. Licenses can be obtained using a self-addressed stamped envelope. Or, if you get a 2010 Artcontext Calendar, it can be enclosed in that shipment. Send e-mail for details.

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