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<nettime-ann> Exhibition @ COP15: Tuvalu Visualization Project

Tuvalu Visualization Project will be exhibited in NPO Tuvalu
Overview's exhibit space at COP15 - United Nations Climate Change
Conference Copenhagen 2009, Dec.07-19.

Tuvalu Visualization Project is an art project visualizing information
of Tuvalu on Google Earth. This project has been executed as a joint
research of NPO Tuvalu Overview and Hidenori Watanave Laboratory @
Tokyo Metropolitan University from September 2008.

- Tuvalu Visualization Project Website: http://tv.mapping.jp/
- Build the future with 10000 Tuvaluan (by NPO Tuvalu Overview):
- COP15: United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009:

Hidenori Watanave

Supervisor of Photon,Inc.
Associate professor,
Faculty of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University


1-5-4-707 Daiba,Minato-ku,Tokyo,Japan
81-3-5531-2132 (TEL + FAX)
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