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<nettime-ann> Société Réaliste: Activities : May 2010

Activities: May 2010.


# TRACING MOBILITY, symposium, at Nottingham Contemporary, Saturday 15

# HANDLUNG: BUCHAREST BIENNIAL 4, collective exhibition, at Pavillon
UniCredit (Bucharest), opening: Thursday 20 May.

# LABORATORY OF SINGULAR PROSPECTIVES, symposium, at National Centre
for Dance (Bucharest), Saturday 22 May.

# ART&RESEARCH IN PUBLIC SPHERE, seminar, at ksa:k - Centre for
Contemporary Art (Chisinau), from Sunday 23 to Friday 28 May.



Symposium, at Nottingham Contemporary, May 15, 10am to 6pm.

Joining forces with Nottingham Contemporary as part of their
forthcoming Uneven Geographies exhibition, Tracing Mobility, the first
of Radiatorâs three international symposia, examines the emergence of
a new space, a space born out of the technology used to control and
divide society.

With interventions by Frank Abbott, Active Ingredient, Robin
Bhattacharya, Heath Bunting, Simon Faithfull, James Kennard, Plan b,
Katarzyna Krakowiak, Krzysztof Nawratek, Kate Rich, Michelle Teran,
Open_Sailing, Gordan Savicic, Trebor Scholz, Basak Senova, SociÃtÃ
RÃaliste, Joanna Warsza, Mushon Zer-Aviv.



Collective exhibition, at Pavillon UniCreditâ, The Institute for
Political Research, Paradis Garaj, Centre for Visual Introspection &
The Geomancy Museum (Bucharest), from 21 May to 17 July.

"It is because of this already existing web of human relationships,
with its innumerable, conflicting wills and intentions, that action
almost never achieves its purpose; but it is also because of this
medium, in which action alone is real, that it 'produces' stories with
or without intention as naturally as fabrication produces tangible
things. These stories may then be recorded in documents and monuments,
they may be visible in use objects or art works, they may be told and
retold and worked into all kinds of material." Hannah Arendt: The
Human Condition (1958).

Within the frame of Bucharest Biennial 4, SociÃtà RÃaliste will
present a newly produced wood sculpture, entitled "Spectral Aerosion".

With works by Magnus BÃrtÃs, Martin Beck, Kalle Brolin, Pablo
Bronstein & Eleonor Vonne Brown, Kaucyila Brooke, Cabello/Carceller,
Elena Ciobanu, Stefan Constantinescu, Claudia CristÃvaÃ, Angela
Ferreira, Field Work, Zachary Formwalt, Andrea Geyer, Charlotte
Ginsborg, Goldin+Senneby, Ion Grigorescu, Sabrina Gschwandtner,
Nicoline van Harskamp, Marcel Iancu, Maryam Jafri, Alexander Kluge,
laBOMBA, Christine Meisner, Asier Mendizabal, Stina Ãstberg, Olivia
Plender & Unnar Ãrn, Emily Roysdon, Fia-Stina Sandlund, Lina Selander,
SociÃtà RÃaliste, Asa Sonjasdotter, Pilvi Takala, The Otolith Group,
Fereshteh Toosi, Lan Tuazon, Florin Tudor & Mona Vatamanu, Judi

Curated by Felix Vogel.



Symposium, at National Centre for Dance (Bucharest), Saturday 22 May.

Laboratory of Singular Prospectives is an international symposium
which will connect Rennes, Dakar and Bucharest, three cities where
biennales take place at the same time. This platform for speech and
performance will put together singular, unprecedented, suppositional
talks about the future and our conceptions of it. It would aim at
making the revolutionary practice perceptible in terms of our daily
experience of it and in terms of the way it shapes the world in its
very politics.

With contributions by Alexandre Costanzo, MÄdÄlina Dan, Edi Gabia,
Bogdan Ghiu, Goldin+Senneby, FrÃdÃric Neyrat, Mircea Nicolae, Manuel
PelmuÅ, SociÃtà RÃaliste and Felix Vogel.

Curated by RaphaÃle Jeune.



Seminar, at ksa:k - Centre for Contemporary Art (Chisinau), from May
23 to May 28.

"Art&Research in Public Sphere" is a cross-disciplinary platform that
will investigate the connections between political and cultural
symbols and propaganda and its impact on the urban environment, the
interference between personal narratives and institutionalized
cultural discourses in relation with public sphere. The entire project
will be divided in two workshop sessions, the first is going to be on
the end of May, beginning of June, the second around August-September,
that is also the final stage of the project and later will be edited
the Âpublication. The project will take place and will be connected to
the public space and so the idea is to create a city-scape exhibition
with site-specific installation/performances in the city of Chisinau
targeting preferentially administrative buildings and public services.

With contributions by Rael Artel, Eugen Bazgu, Igor Casu, Catalin
Gheorghe, Irina Gheorghe & Alina Popa, Vladan Jeremic & Rena Raedle,
Dumitri Oboroc, Kaja Pawelek, Danilo Prnjat, Joanna Rajkowska, Klaus
Schafer, Angela Serino, SociÃtà RÃaliste, Ovidiu Tichindelean.

Curated by Stefan Rusu.


# VOUS ETES ICI, collective exhibition, at MusÃe des Beaux-Arts (Dunkerque).
# GEOGRAPHY OF TRANS-TERRITORIES, collective exhibition, at Walter and
McBean Galleries, SFAI (San Francisco).
# CELEBRATION!, collective exhibition, at uqbar (Berlin).
# CE QUI VIENT - 2ND RENNES BIENNIAL, at Couvent des Jacobins


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