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Call for artists and theorists to engage in a new collaborative media arts lab.

TINT opens its Arts Lab in May 2010 to provide an online platform for artists to present and develop ideas through critical feedback and open discourse. Based on a framework of constructive critique and knowledgeable support, participating artists are invited to explore their work within the boundaries of media art. Participating artists will be required that they develop their project in their own workspace, documenting their progress thoroughly at all stages from conceptional to realisation in a dedicated blog. With the labs focus on the documentation of these usually opaque processes we enable a dedicated team of artists, theorist and practitioners as well as the wider community to respond to the project and provide thereby the possibility for artistic development. Once all the first round projects are completed, they will be jointly presented in a TINT curated event in a London based venue.

Call for artists projects
Project proposals from artists and art groups that wish to realize an experimental media art projects, such as sonic, digital, code based, custom or hacked electronics art, and want to submit their projects to the arts lab’s supportive platform of constructive critique.

Begin: Mid of May 2010.
Duration: 4-6 Weeks.

Learn more about the labs structure on http://lab.tintarts.org/about/.

Please send a project outline (with sketches) and a CV to lab@tintarts.org

Call for feedback by art historians, media theorists, artists, technicians, and all the other who might want to raise a voice.
The lab’s projects needs a continuous flow of comments and feedback to support the participating artists in their development. We’re looking for a small group of people to set up a team of regular commentators on all projects but also wish to establish a data base of interested people we could contact to give feedback on specific issues. All regular commentators will be promoted prominently on the lab’s web site.

Please send a short summary of your field of interests and a CV to lab@tintarts.org

Deadline for proposals and expressions of interest: 09 May 2010.

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