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<nettime-ann> // Motion Graphics Festival 2010 :: Three Tour Dates Announced, featuring Adobe CS5! \\

Motion Graphics Festival 2010 :: Three Tour Dates Announced, featuring Adobe CS5!

MGFest is the premier creative conference for motion design, visual effects, sound design and interface technology.

Atlanta: July 10-11, 2010
Philadelphia: July 24-25, 2010
San Francisco: July 31 – August 1, 2010

Atlanta and Philadelphia include two days of workshops in Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects CS5, Animating with ActionScript 3 and Animating with _javascript_. While San Francisco plays host to a two-day conference in motion design and motion code.  

Evening events include screenings in all three cities with artists curated from international talent, such as: Featuring artists such as: The Mill, Dvein, Pleix, Psyop, Herzog & De Meuron, Warp Records, The Crystal Method, Royksopp, Assassin's Creed 2, LucasArts and many more.

Call For Entry
With an artistic lineup of events focused on discovering new talent and providing them an opportunity to showcase their work. The deadline for submissions for Atlanta entry is June 15. 

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Full Event Information:

Adobe Releases CS5!
The Motion Graphics Festival is proud to feature the innovations of Adobe Creative Suite 5
dozens of user-requested features make everyday tasks easier, including:
+ New Compatibility & Performance
+ New Plugins: such as the new version of Color Finesse, the last release Mocha's motion-tracking software, and now, DigiEffects FreeForm.
+ New Tools: like Auto-Keyframe mode, the Refine Matte effect and the stunning New RotoBrush Tool.
+ New Programs: in addition to advancements to Photoshop and Flash, CS5 adds a new online program for collaborative script writing and management called Adobe Story.

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